How to Team Admin

Department, Group, and Project Administrators, collectively called Team Admins. There are differences between the three types of teams that will be outlined.

The tools available are the three dots “admin tools”, team tools drop-down, and more options in some of the modules.
This video will outline the basis of being a Team admin after that this article will start to dive deeper into each option and selection.

First up is the Three dot Admin tools

All selections in here are only available for the admin. Seen on the far right of the below screenshot.

Edit Team & module Details
This is where you can edit the essential details, configure the modules, and set custom fields for the team.

General Settings
Houses more drop-down options

Invite Settings
As follows (tick box options) below the invite settings
Allow network users to invite coworkers to the team,
Normal users already a member of the team will be allowed to invite other members to the team.
Allow guests to invite people to the team,
This is used if a vendor or external client needs to invite an expert to the team space, this option gives them that ability, otherwise, they need to request it.

Guest User Settings,
Houses the guest user selections (No guest users are available for Departments) tick box options seen here:

Allow guest users in the team
 If this is disabled the invite guests area would be disabled ref:

Guest users can view team members
 Intended for situations where the members of a team need to be hidden to the guest user, this allows for users who are essentially observers
Allow team chat for guest users
 I.M chat messages are immensely useful for instant communications to a guest user, but if you need to craft replies to the guest users then perhaps you will want to untick the option, ref:
Allow guest users to create Tasks
Useful if you are the vendor to the guest user and your team needs to fulfill tasks set forth by the guest users, (only available to Projects)
Guest users have read-only access to the entire team
Where guest users are intended to be observers only within the team space.

Mention & Email Settings
Houses the dialog box for these options.

Team Alias field
The alias will be part of the project link and email address to send emails directly to the team, it’s suggested to decide if a change is needed to this field early on.
Allow this team to be @mentioned
Anyone mentioning to get their attention the team will alert all members as a notification and news feed.
Allow emails to be forwarded into this team
You must be a member of the team to forward an email into the team feeds, emails must be sent under the To: field of an email.

Landing Page Settings
Houses the default landing page. The options are Pages, feeds, or Default. Choosing ‘Default’ as the value in dropdown will set the first module in the left navigation bar to be the module on which users will land when they visit this team, which can be changed by visiting the “Edit Team & module Details” Ref:

Health Settings
Related to tasks and milestones these options are (only available to Projects)

— Type
Options to be Task-based or Milestone based
Risk Threshold
Status set to in At-Risk when no. of overdue Tasks are x or above (X = number of tasks)
Not On Track Threshold
Status set to be Not On Track when project has continuously been in Risk status for X days or above (X= number of days)
Huddle Settings
To enable or disable this allows the usage of GoToMeeting or Join.Me from the right sidebar in the feeds module:

Option to enable or disable: 

Configure Integrations
These are third-party integrations that first need to be enabled by the network admin and then configured for each team. The Gear icons will have more details for each integration.

Transfer Owner Rights
All teams need an owner and the owner cannot leave the team without first transferring the ownership rights, this is common when first setting up an intranet or where team creation is controlled. This is the location to type the name of the new owner who must already be a member of the team.

Admin Reports
This is the location to obtain the team level reports and is used for analytics.

Each report has a description on what it provides for the team, by selecting generate report you are given a drop-down to select a time period, once done select generate and these will be listed in the files module of that team under “Reports.” Keep in mind the reports folder is only visible to admins and network admins.

A very useful function for project and utilization of tasks, In order to merge two teams together, you need to be the admin of both teams, All the contents of your team would be absorbed into the target team, a more details article can be found on this here:

Three options for Export, Files can be exported in the files module itself by downloading the top level folder, as files are not included in the below export options. Files download:

– All Data
Selecting this will direct you to a request page and if you click on ‘Request Export’ button the system will schedule a request for exporting all the Team data. You will be notified via email once the exported data file is available for download. Previous exports would be listed in this request page. Usually, are ready after minutes.

– Member Info Only
This will immediately download a .csv file of the members of this team. As of this writing, the export will include the member’s Name, Title, Email Address, Location, Organization.
– Chat History Only
This will export all the chat messages in this team as a CSV file. Attachments in the chat will not get exported. This export history will be sent to you via email only.

Will freeze all activity on archival, nothing more can happen to the team while it’s archived. The team and all its contents can still be viewed by the team members but they cannot edit anything. Archived teams will not appear in your active list of teams. You can restore the team to the active list at any time. (teams = Departments, Projects, Groups)
Archive list 


Will Delete the Team and All it’s contents after a team is deleted only the Network admin can recover the team depending on the preservation limit as set by the network admin. Once a team and its content are deleted based on the preservation limit there is absolutely no recovery after that.
Network Admin Preservation limit (team admins have no access to this)

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