How to Use Mangoapps As an Saml Provider?

MangoApps as IDP
MangoApps can be configured as an IDP, i.e. if your applications understands SAML then it can be configured to authenticate users via MangoApps. Below are the steps to perform the configuration:
Configuring SAML Apps in MangoApps
1. Navigate to the Admin Portal.
2. Navigate to Integration > SAML Apps.
3. Click on tab ‘Create a New Tab‘

4. Below are the […]

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How to Use Mangoapps As an Oauth 2.0 Provider?

I. Introduction
MangoApps is now a standards-compliant OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server supporting the OAuth 2.0 framework (RFC 6749) and Bearer Token Usage (RFC 6750) specifications. MangoApps supports two types of OAuth 2.0 tokens – Authorization Code and Implicit. You can use any OAuth 2.0 or HTTPS client library to connect with MangoApps
II. OAuth Roles

Resource Owner: MangoApps User – The resource owner is the user […]

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