How to Send Greetings to Your Colleagues?

MangoApps Greetings module provides the tools to celebrate birthdays, life events & community milestones helping foster a sense of belonging at the workplace.
There are 10 pre-shipped categories to get started with. These 10 out-of-the-box ‘greeting categories’ that are designed for human connections at workplace. These categories include

Get Well
Good Luck
New Baby
Thank You

Domain admins can activate & […]

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How Do I Use Forms & Trackers in Mangoapps?

What are Forms and Trackers?
Forms and trackers can be added to your workspaces to collect and store data. You create a Form first, this is usually how entries will populate into a tracker. Trackers are searchable databases that archive information.
How do I add or create a Form and Tracker to a Project, Group, or Department?
There are […]

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