How to Delete Users from Your Mangoapps Domain?

The MangoApps admin may want to delete user completely from the domain to meet the requirement of the company’s security and compliance policy.
MangoApps provides admin with the feature of permanently deleting a user account from the domain.
User deletion under Admin portal
Below are the steps to Delete a user from MangoApps:
a. Navigate to the Admin portal.
b. […]

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How Do I Configure Who Can Send Im?

As a domain admin you can control who can send IM in a specific team. The choices you have are

Any Member of the team can Send IM (default)
Domain Admins and Team Admins can Send IM
Only Domain Admins can Send IM

This is great feature for admins to share important announcements and news in a team. This team has no […]

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How to Create Holiday/important Events in Mangoapps?

The company may want to share company holidays and certain important Dates(company events) to all the network users of the portal. This can be achieved from the admin portal.
Steps to create Holiday/Important event in MangoApps:
1. Go to the Admin portal
2. Navigate to Domain > Holidays

3. Click on ‘Add New Holiday’

4. Add the details of the holiday/Important […]

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