What is MangoApps Sync to Calendar?

The Sync to Calendar option helps you stay on top of your events, milestones, and tasks with due dates by syncing them to calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, some versions of Outlook, and any calendar that allows you to subscribe by URL.

What do I need to know about it?

  • In order to use MangoApps Sync to Calendar, your calendar application must support iCalendar (Webcal) feeds.
  • Calendar Sync is one-way: updates to your calendar will not be reflected in MangoApps. You can see the items from MangoApps on your calendar, but you’ll need to use MangoApps to add or edit it.
  • Webcal feeds will include only items with due dates.
  • Webcal feeds will not include items marked as completed.
  • Calendaring services update at different frequencies, so due date changes may take a short while to appear on your calendar.
  • If subscriptions do not work, change webcal:// to http:// in the beginning of the subscription address.
  • iCalendar addresses are not password-protected, so be careful when sharing links to your calendar.

Where do I get the iCalendar (Webcal) address?

  • Events
Sync Calender
  • My Tasks
 Task Sync
  • My Milestones

Sync Milestone

What items from MangoApps get synced to my calendar?

You can choose to sync your calendar with Tasks, Events & Milestones from MangoApps.

What is the difference between sync your calendar & export calendar?

Export calendar will export all the calendar items that can be imported into your Outlook or iCal. However, the export calendar option needs to be updated periodically by exporting then importing items into your calendar. Unlike exporting your calendar, syncing your calendar will provide updates automatically.

Can guest users sync their calendar items?

Guest users can not sync their calendar, but they can export events. Refer to instructions here: http://goo.gl/IA4Lql.

How to sync MangoApps Event to Google Calendar?

A user can sync his/her MangoApps event to Google Calendar.

Steps to be followed at MangoApps end:

  1. Navigate to Events in “User Portal”.
  2. Click on “Sync with Google/ Outlook Calendar”.
  3. You can choose the items to be included in your Webcal feed such as – Tasks, Events, Milestone, Birthdays and Holidays & Special Dates.
  4. From the pop-up “Copy Link” and Paste it to the Google Calendar.


  • Webcal feed will include only items with due dates.
  • Webcal feed will not include items marked completed.
  • Calendaring services update at different frequencies, due date changes may take a short while to appear on your calendar.

Steps to be followed at Google Calendar end:

  1. Open “Google Calendar”.
  2. Click on “Other Calendars” and select “Add by URL”.
  3. Paste the URL to and click on “Add Calendar”.
  4. Please note that once added it usually takes 24-48 hours to sync Google calendar for an event not created in Google.


Sync with outlook for MAC

Outlook for Mac here you would create the export from mangoapps and drag-n-drop it into your Outlook to populate the events.
Video using outlook for mac 2011:


Exception: Outlook for Mac 2016 currently doesn’t support synchronizing your Google calendars, notes, tasks, and contacts.

Additionally, the option for webcals (secure) is provided which makes the webcal encrypted. In certain cases you’ll need to use the webcals option for your sync, as some configurations of your calendar will not accept unencrypted data.

Which applications are supported by MangoApps Sync to Calendar?

MangoApps supports any application that accepts the iCalendar format. The below list contains a few applications that will work with MangoApps Sync to Calendar.

Google Calendar
Windows Live (Hotmail) Calendar
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone
Apple iPod Touch
Lotus Notes
Microsoft Outlook
Mozilla Sunbird
Novell Groupwise
Thunderbird Lightning
Windows Calendar
Apple Calendar (iCal)
Mozilla Sunbird
Thunderbird Lightning
Claws Mail
Mozilla Sunbird
Thunderbird Lightning
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