MangoApps performs frequent upgrades on the shared cloud domains across all data centers, these upgrades are facilitated systematically on your Private or On-Premise deployment through your respective Customer Success Manager.

As part of these upgrades MangoApps may apply changes to the hardware infrastructure, operating software, product software, supporting application softwares, etc. Hence quite often On-Premise & Private Cloud deployments may be a version prior to the current version available on the shared cloud including the mobile apps on Play Store and Apple Store, at times this may create disruptions in using the mobile app from the respective app stores and we strongly recommend the following;

  1. Inform colleagues to disable the setting of “Auto-upgrade” on the mobile and refrain from updating the mobile app until your domain has been upgraded to the most recent version, click here for instructions to disable the setting on iOS & Android devices.
  2. Ask your Customer Success Manager for a fully custom branded mobile app, this will enable more control when the update is pushed to your colleagues (involves professional services).
  3. Ask your Customer Success Manager if a legacy version of the app is available for older versions of MangoApps.
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