By the end of this article you will have the answers for the following frequently asked questions about Team Collaboration MangoApps wikis and posts:


What is a Wiki used for?

Since wikis are dynamic, collaborative web documents, you can use a wiki for a variety of use cases such as:

  1. Centralized project status page
  2. Collaborative project phase description
  3. Internal process planning & description
  4. A collection of useful links relating to a project or process


Who can edit my wiki?

Editing of wiki’s is controlled by the setting selected by the creator of the wiki.

To change the settings, Wiki creator need to open the Wiki and click “Wiki Tools” to select “Edit Wiki Title and Properties”




Wiki Properties window will open


Based on the above setting, your fellow project members can edit your wiki. You will be notified of their edits and be able to compare previous versions to see the changes. Previous versions can be rolled back to override errant or unwarranted changes.

What’s required before I create a wiki or a post?

Before you start creating wikis or posts in any team(Department, Group & Project). You will first go to the admin portal, modules and ensure wiki is enabled for the domain.


Then you can go to modules for wikis and posts must also be enabled. To enable a team module:

  1. Choose the team from the left navigation bar
  2. Select “Admin Tools” to choose
  3. Click enable next to Wikis.
  4. Click “Done” to register the changes.


How do I create a MangoApps wiki in a project?

To view or create wikis associated to Teams

  1. Click on desired Team from the left Navigation Bar
  2. Choose a team from the list.
  3. Click on the “Wikis” from the secondary navigation bar to view the previously created wikis.
  4. Optionally create a new wiki by clicking the “Create a wiki” link in “Wiki Tools” on the top right.


How do I add a Table of Contents (ToC) to my wiki?

To add a Table of Contents to your wiki, use the different “Heading” styles inside your wiki.


Then make sure the Table of Contents checkbox is checked for the wiki you’ve created, go to Admin Tools and select “Edit Wiki Title & Properties



Then check the box to show “Table of Contents”




How do I move a MangoApps wiki from one team to another?

To move a wiki, go to the wiki then:

    1. From the “Wiki Tools” menu of the wiki you’re moving, choose “Move”.
    2. Remove the original project from the “Select destination Project or Group” box and replace it with the destination team for the wiki. In the destination team, use the dropdown to choose the wiki hierarchy level.

How do I delete a MangoApps wiki from a project?

To delete a wiki from your team you must be the author or an administrator. Then:

      1. Click on the Wiki that you’ll be deleting from the list.
      2. From the “Wiki Tools” menu choose “Delete”.
      3. Type “DELETE” in all caps to confirm the deletion of the wiki page then click the “Delete” button.


How can I add a cell, row, or column to an existing wiki table?

While editing a wiki, you can add another row or column to your table by right-clicking an existing cell and choosing the appropriate menu choice as in:


How do I use the WYSIWYG editor?

At the top of the wiki composition window you can choose tools to format your wiki. Font formatting, lists, adding links, pictures and videos, and inserting tables are a few of the examples of the WYSIWYG tools. Users also have the option to click the “Source” button to edit the HTML source directly for even greater control.


Can I add images and videos to my wiki?

Yes, images and videos can be embedded into your wiki to be viewed inline. To add an image or video, use the WYSIWYG editor to:

      1. Choose the “Image or Video” button from the ribbon.
      2. Choose the option you would like to add images or videos from and fill in the required details



How can I view my wiki list?

All the Wikis created in Teams can be accessed from Wikis in the left navigation bar.


The MangoApps wiki is a hierarchy of pages within a project. As such, the wiki list can be viewed as a flat list of pages, or an indented tree of page hierarchies. To change the view of the wiki page list, click Wikis in the left navigation bar

      1. The page will show the project wikis as a hierarchical “Tree View” or a “List View”. To change from “List View (A-Z)” to “Tree View (A-Z)” click the view filter menu that currently shows “List View (A-Z)” menu and choose “Tree View (A-Z)”.
      2. The Tree is collapsible and alphabetically arranged by hierarchy.

Additionally, you can filter Wikis are per created by you, your team or all Wikis


How can I view wikis and posts on Android or iOS devices?

To view wikis, blogs, or posts in MangoApps on your Android or iOS device, simply click on the link that is shown in the team’s activity stream.

Alternatively, you can also click on the slide bar menu to explore & select Wikis

How do I create a PDF from project wikis?


You can create a PDF (printable) version of wikis one-by-one or from the top-level hierarchy.

Single Wiki PDF
Generate a PDF file from any given wiki by:

      1. Navigate to the wiki.
      2. Click on the “Wiki Tools” menu and choose “Get Wiki PDF”.
      3. Watch for the PDF to be created on your computer and displayed on the browser’s download area.

Wiki Hierarchy PDF
A single PDF/XLS file can be generated for the entire project wiki hierarchy. To receive an email with the link to the generated PDF/XLS:

      1. Click on “Wikis” from the left-side icon within a Team.
      2. Click “Wiki Tools” and select the option to export the Wiki format.
      3. Once you have made your choice, confirm the dialog by clicking “Yes” and you will receive an email with a link to your generated PDF/XLS of project wikis.

Is there a MediaWiki to MangoApps conversion tool?

Currently there is no official conversion from MediaWiki (or other wiki solutions) to the HTML format that MangoApps supports. For companies with content already in another wiki solution, the options are:

    • Copy and paste the content from the current wiki solution into MangoApps then fix any formatting issues. (Recommended)
    • Create new wikis in MangoApps that link to your legacy wiki system. (Workable)
    • Experiment with alternate parsers to convert your wiki markup to HTML. (Discouraged)
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