The concept of MangoApps Project Privacy settings will be explained through answers to a series of Frequently Asked Questions including:

What are the MangoApps Project Privacy Settings?

MangoApps has 3 privacy settings for Project, each with their own attributes and uses, and can be set during Project creation:


Project creators choose a “Public” privacy setting for a project when the goal is to:

  • Allow any network user to join the project without an explicit invitation to the project. Users simply search for the project name and click “Join” to become a member of the project.
  • Allow non-members of the project to view and post messages into the project without joining the project outright. This is effective when not all project updates need to be seen by a non-member of the project, but from time to time the non-member of the project may need to find information from a project or communicate to the project audience.


Private projects protect the communications, documents, and tasks of the project from being read by unauthorized users. Private projects require an explicit invitation to the project by a project admin. Non-members can find private project names when searching but cannot view any of the project’s proprietary information.  Non-members can request to join private projects but admins will need to approve their request before they can join.


Similar to Private projects, secret project members are explicitly invited to the project by a project administrator. But the differentiating factor between Private and Secret projects is the ability to find the private project’s name when searched. Secret projects do not show project names or project members to non-members of the project. Even administrators that are not a member of the secret project cannot find the project as a result of a search. The Secret project privacy can be disabled by Domain administrators to force only Private or Public project privacy to be used.


What MangoApps elements are governed by Project Privacy Settings?

The elements of projects that inherit Project Privacy Settings include:

  • Project documents
  • Project tasks
  • Project Wikis & Posts
  • Project Chat
  • Project Calendar & Events
  • Project analytics

Can I change Project Privacy Settings on established projects?

Yes, project privacy settings can be changed to lower privacy restrictions or increase them. To change a project’s privacy settings:

  1. You must be a project admin or a network admin to change the Project Privacy Settings.
  2. Click the “Admin Tools” menu to the right of the project window and select “Edit Project & Module Details”.
  3. Choose the Project Privacy Settings from the center of the Project Details window.

What steps are needed to create a Secret project?

  1. A MangoApps Domain administrator must allow Secret projects to be created in the “Admin Portal” -> “Modules” -> “Projects”
  2. Then click “Admin Tools” to select “Mange settings”
  3. Check the box next to “Allow creation of Secret Project in the domain”1
  4. Once this Project Setting has been enabled by the MangoApps Domain Administrator, creating a new project or editing an existing project allows for choosing the “Secret” project permission. On a project that you administer, choose “Change details” from the “Admin Tools” menu.
  5. In the “Project Details” page, choose the “Secret” project permissions setting.
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