Generating a Har and Console Log Files for Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting complex issues, it is sometimes necessary for our support team to obtain additional information about the errors being seen in the console along with network requests that are generated in your browser while an issue occurs. A support team member may request that you record a HAR and Console log file, or a […]

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How Can You Send Mangoapps Logs to Support Team?

MangoApps logs contain lots of important information regarding a particular issue and help the support team to quickly troubleshoot the issue and fix the same. Below are the instructions to send the MangoApps logs to the support team
Go to MangoApps Preferences by clicking on your profile icon
From the “General” Tab, tick the box “enable debug […]

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How Do We Enable/disable Debug Logs in Mangoapps Client?

MangoApps client collects lots of logs regarding errors and events happening within the app to help us debug any specific issues. This can be enabled from MangoApps Preferences.
To Enable the debug logs in MangoApps for Windows client, go to MangoApps Preferences and then check the box “Enable debug logs” under “General” tab.

To Enable the debug […]

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Troubleshooting Mangoapps for Windows Installation Issues

If you are having one of the below issues while installing MangoApps for Windows, you may want to uninstall any previous version of MangoApps for Windows, Restart Microsoft Windows, download the current version of MangoApps for Windows then reinstall the current version. The error messages you may get that require these steps are:

Installing MangoApps for […]

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Why Should I Verify Connectivity for Mangoapps Ports Using Telnet?

Verifying the MangoApps-specific ports in your environment can minimize connectivity and functionality problems. The ports can generally be tested using a command line Telnet client. Below are how to start Telnet in a terminal in Mac OS and in a DOS window on Microsoft Windows. After that, the commands to test each port are the […]

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What Are the Mangoapps Client Support Options?

There are several ways to contact an MangoApps support engineer depending on which MangoApps client you are using. Desktop and iPhone MangoApps clients have an inline support feature that will initiate an e-mail directly to our support team. Use the “Email Support” option below for Web and Android (or any) MangoApps client email support. Phone […]

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Is There a Hotfix for Mangoapps for Office Addressing Microsoft Excel Crashes?

Yes. We’ve narrowed crashes in MangoApps for Office down to a problem in the Microsoft Office DLL file “clr.dll”. Microsoft provides a Hotfix for this issue as described in this help Microsoft Help Article:
To verify that you should get the Hotfix from Microsoft, you can find the error in your Windows Event Viewer Application […]

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How Can I Troubleshoot Online Presence and Instant Messaging Problems?

For all aspects of MangoApps to function properly, the following ports needs to be open from all user machines:

HTTP: 80
HTTPS: 443
XMPP: 5222
RTMP: 1935

If you have enabled email or active directory integration, ports configured for those services must also be open on your server so that our servers can reach them. Here’s an extended article for […]

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