How to embed SurveyMonkey forms to pages in MangpApps?

SurveyMonkey is an online survey development cloud-based software, and the forms can be embedded into pages in MangoApps.
Below are the steps to embed a Survey Monkey form to MangoApps pages.
1. Create a Dynamic page in MangoApps.
2. Select ‘External Source Integrator’ from the list of widgets available under MangoApps.

3. Rename the widget as per your requirement […]

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How to categorize company posts in MangoApps?

You may need to categorize company posts based on the content of the post.
In order to add a category to the post, you will first need to add post categories inside the portal and then create post within that category.
Steps to view, edit and add post categories.
1. Navigate to Company module.
2. Click on ‘Tools > View Post […]

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How to compose a post in MangoApps?

A post can be composed by network admin, company admin, network user or guest user in MangoApps. However the behavior of post differs based on the user rights.
By user rights posts can divided into two categories.
I) Posts by a network, company or team admin –  If the admin selects ‘Everyone’ then the posts gets posted on […]

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How to hide a page in MangoApps from the users?

There may be instances where the company or team admin would want to hide a page for a limited duration but would need to make it visible again at the later stage due to one of the following reason:
a. Work in Progress Pages – The content of the page hasn’t been verified and approved. For […]

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How do I make my post also be a must read?

Must read posts are great when you wish to convey to your co-workers that this is a must read post. Must read posts get a special icon on the post title. There are two types of Must read’s you can configure for posts;

Standard – Message content is visible to be read. No Acknowledgement report will be available.
Acknowledgement required […]

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How can I compare or restore previous versions of Pages?

Pages in MangoApps maintain a version history similar to Wiki’s, they tracks the history of changes to each page by creating a new version of the page each time it’s modified. You can view the changes between different versions, and roll back to a previous version if you need to.
Access the page history
To view the history of […]

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How can I organize Menus & Pages?

As an Intranet admin, team admin or Network admin you can choose to organize the menus and pages to display content per your requirement, refer instructions here to achieve the same;
1. Navigate to Pages within teams then click “Page Tools”, if Intranet then “Tools” within Company
2. Click “Organize Menus & Pages” from the drop-down
3. To re-order pages simply drag […]

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Pages: What is the difference between Static and Dynamic templates?

In simplest terms, static pages in MangoApps are those with content that cannot change without an page creator or admin editing the page while dynamic pages can display different content from across MangoApps updated dynamically without needing to edit the page.
When it comes to choosing between static or dynamic pages, what is important is the purpose each […]

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How do I create dynamic templates?

Intranet managers & team admins can now easily keep the pages fresh and up-to-date with Dynamic templates using 30+ Widgets available out of box.
To get started click on “Add Page” on the Company Intranet or Pages tab within Teams, the follow steps here;
Step 1: Pick a layout for the page from a choice of static & dynamic templates.
Specify a name for your page […]

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How can I make pages from my team visible to non-members?

Quite often you may want your colleagues who are not members of your team (department, project or group) to view certain pages but not rest of the content in the team. You can allow viewing of selected pages by checking the option show below when publishing a page, this will allow people who are not department […]

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How do I embed a Form into a Page in MangoApps?

How To Embed a Form?
After you have created the Tracker in the workspace, the Form can be added to a Page, Wiki, and a Widget for users to fill out.
Start out by navigating to the Team in which the tracker resides or to Forms and trackers on the main navigation. We will focus on a Team’s […]

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How can I embed external sources into MangoApps?

MangoApps allows you to easily pull in content from external sources and embed the content on any Wiki, Page, or Post within MangoApps. This can be used to embed your Google calendar, company stock chart, or any other web service offering iFrame embed code.
These are the steps to follow:

Copy the IFRAME code from the item […]

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How do I make my post also be an announcement?

There are multiple ways to make a team post as an announcement.
1. Announcement via Compose Box.

Select the Universal compose box
Click on Write a Post from the drop-down.

The Post dialog box will open and you can quickly create a post here for a team and everyone (company admins) or all my followers (network users).
Once you have created a title and […]

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How to reorder posts in MangoApps?

The following questions have been answered regarding the reordering of posts in the MangoApps Intranet:

How do I reorder posts on the Intranet Home Page
How do admins specify the order of posts so that users can choose “Admin Specified Order” from “Intranet” -> “Posts”?

How do I reorder posts on the Intranet Home Page?
To reorder posts visit […]

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Team Wikis & Posts

By the end of this article you will have the answers for the following frequently asked questions about Team Collaboration MangoApps wikis and posts:

What is a Wiki used for?
Who can edit my wiki?
What’s required before a I create a wiki or a post?
How do I create a MangoApps wiki in a team?
How do I add […]

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How can I associate related content to a wiki in MangoApps?

Users with edit privileges can add related content to any file, post or wiki. To add related content:

Open the open.
Scroll below and under “Related Content” section of the wiki, you can file, wiki, posts, forms and trackers
Once you’ve chosen the related content, choose the “Add” button and add the content to the wiki

Then, other users who […]

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