Recommendations to Manage Mangoapps Mobile Upgrades

MangoApps performs frequent upgrades on the shared cloud domains across all data centers, these upgrades are facilitated systematically on your Private or On-Premise deployment through your respective Customer Success Manager.
As part of these upgrades MangoApps may apply changes to the hardware infrastructure, operating software, product software, supporting application softwares, etc. Hence quite often On-Premise & Private Cloud deployments […]

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Private Cloud Release Updates: What to Expect

This article is a high-level overview of the backup, instance sequence and communication details that come with each upgrade.
What is Backed Up Before New MangoApps Releases?
The MangoApps private cloud database is automatically backed up every night. Backups are maintained for 31 days. During any software update, the database is not backed up prior to the […]

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How to Configure My Mx Record for 2-way Email

Why do I need an MX record for my MangoApps Domain?
MX records are the DNS settings that associate your domain to the servers hosting your users’ mail accounts. You create MX records to deliver mail to users on specific servers. With MX records, mail can be routed to servers based on their assigned priorities using […]

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How Do I Connect Mangoapps to My Custom Amazon Web Services S3 Buckets?

In AWS S3 there are 3 technologies to be enabled to a MangoApps user for MangoApps to connect with your custom S3 buckets. This technologies and settings are:

Amazon Elastic Transcoder:  Full Access
Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS):  Full Access
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM):  Read Only Access

In addition to configuring the allowing the above policies and permissions […]

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What Cookies Are Set by Mangoapps?

Below is the comprehensive list of cookies set by MangoApps, the purpose, and the expiration:

Cookie Name

A Flash LSO for cached data in the IM/Chat bar including: colleagues and the team list.

Session ID for authentication after login
Session based expiration

Unread count
Session based expiration

Whether the top-right corner count color is enabled/disabled
Session based expiration

Encrypted Chat bar state to maintain […]

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Providing Your Ssl Certificate to Mangoapps

Following the steps in this article will guide you through providing MangoApps the SSL certificate for your deployment.
To acquire a digital SSL certificate from a Certification Authority (CA), a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) must first be generated. The CSR contains your certificate-application information, including your public key. You may want to consider creating a wildcard […]

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On-premise Installation Guide – Getting Started

MangoApps is a multi-tiered application that can scale both horizontally and vertically. This architecture allows for a straightforward initial deployment and provides forward-thinking room to expand as your organization grows. This document will focus on an initial deployment consisting of a single machine setup. The installation process requires basic knowledge of Linux and system administration.
Prerequisites […]

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