Noise Reduction Options in Mangoapps

As team communication and collaboration grows, the number of notifications/news feeds coming your way can get overwhelming. For each team (project/group/department/opportunity) and modules. You can now manage notifications your receive without having to work at separating what’s important to them from rest of the updates.
A) Per Team Notification
There may be instances where you would like […]

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How to Mark Feeds As ‘read’ for a Specific Module in Mangoapps?

The network user may want to mark certain feeds for modules as ‘Read’, which are not as relevant to user’s daily activity in MangoApps.
This can be accomplished by moving such modules to “Secondary Feed” and then marking such feeds to keep ‘Nothing’ unread until user marks them read on the platform. Please see below for the detailed steps.
Steps to move […]

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How to Configure Web Browser Notification for Mangoapps?

If you’re using Chrome, Safari or Firefox, your browser can generate web notification, web Notifications informs you about chat messages that need your attention, even when you’re looking at a different application or are away from your computer altogether.
MangoApps will display a small popup window on your desktop when you are in a different application. The […]

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How Do I Turn On/off Different Notifications in Mangoapps (native App/web/mobile App)?

MangoApps allows you to enable/disable different types of ‘Alerts & Notifications’.

Windows Client

Windows Client
For Windows Client, you can enable/disable ‘Alerts & Notification’ from  MangoApps Windows app – Preferences. Refer the following screenshot that illustrates how to enable/disable the notification.

To change the Web Client toaster settings:

Log in to the web client and enable the social bar, if necessary.
From […]

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How Can the Domain Admin Set Email Notifications for Users?

The domain admin has the ability to set the default email notification settings for users in MangoApps. To do so:

Go to the Admin Portal.
Choose “Domain” -> “Email settings”.
Switch to “Notifications” tab.
Check as many or as few check boxes that you would like your domain users to have checked by default.

After finishing, choose between applying these […]

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What is C2dm for the Android Client?

C2DM for the Android Mobile Client is “Cloud to Device Messaging”, a lightweight mechanism to tell your Android device running MangoApps that there’s content available on the MangoApps server. Some characteristics of C2DM are:

MangoApps does not need to be running to receive C2DM messages.
C2DM uses the existing Google account associated with your Android device.
Your device […]

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How to Turn-off Email Notification from Mangoapps?

There are three types of emails in MangoApps, These email can be turned off as per your preference:
1. Getting Started Emails – These emails are sent to admins only and for the purpose of sharing help resources in the initial couple of weeks. They can’t be turned off for shared cloud customers at this time. These emails are not sent for Private/On-Premise customers.
2. Digest […]

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Who is Notified when I Complete a Task?

Personal Task
If the task is “Everone in Network” then every colleague that follows you will be notified as part of the Main Feed. If the task is “Private”, only the Responsible Persons and Task Approvers of the task will be notified.

Project Task
If the task belongs to a project the Task Approvers will be informed when […]

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