How to Turn off Automatic Updates of Apps on Mobile?

We don’t push any automatic updates of the mobile apps, but some users can have settings to automatically update when there is a new version of an app. If you’re an Android, iPhone or iPad is automatically updating apps without your permission, there’s a way you can disable that from happening again, and here’s how to […]

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How Do I Add Files to Mangoapps from My Iphone or Ipad?

Upload photos, videos or audio
You can directly attach videos or images from the gallery on your device or capture an image/video with your camera and attach the same to any new updates or comments by launching MangoApps on your iPhone or iPad.
Additionally, you can also record an audio and share the same with your followers or teams.
Check out this video for steps;

Upload other files […]

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Why Does Mangoapps Ask for Permission to My Android Contact List?

MangoApps on Android asks for permission to your device’s contact list in order to easily let you choose potential MangoApps colleagues’ email addresses from your Android device’s contact list.
Contacts with email addresses will be suggested with a checkbox next to their name. Checking their checkbox and clicking “Next” shows how many contacts from your device […]

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How Do Ios Push Notifications Work?

This article covers:

Push Notifications for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Snoozing Push Notifications


iOS: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

To enable IM APNS notifications:

Login into MangoApps iOS app
Tap on the “Settings” menu from the LHS and
Navigate to “Notifications > Notification Types” and turn ON the available list of options.

To stop IM APNS notifications:

Login into […]

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How Do I Use the Ios “open In” Feature with Mangoapps?

The “Open In” feature can now be used with MangoApps for better file management while you’re away from your PC. Here are a few scenarios that you can use:

Use “Open In” to download files from DropBox to attach to a MangoApps compose box.
Upload files in MangoApps to another application on your iOS device.
Download files from […]

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How Do I Work with Tasks on Mobile?

What is the general flow on iOS and Android?

 Project (Team) Tasks:

Click on “Projects” from the sidebar menu.
Choose your Project from the project list.
Click the button on the top right and select “Tasks” tab
On the top of the Tasks, choose any of the bins to show the list of tasks in that bin

Project Tasks view on […]

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What Features Are Included with Mangoapps Mobile Apps?

The feature list of the MangoApps Mobile apps (iOS and Android) is growing, and currently have below features:

My Profile
Your profile information
Inbox/News Feed
Your MangoApps feeds.
Private Messages
MangoApps 1-to-1 or 1-to-many communication that replaces email.
Real-time instant messaging to 1 or more colleagues.
Company Intranet
Your Intranet’s Company News Posts and Pages.
Department teams in MangoApps.
Project teams in MangoApps.
Group teams in MangoApps.
Project and Personal […]

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Microblogging on Android Devices

Microblogging on Android devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different. The best practices of Android microblogging will be conveyed through answers to the following questions:

Where do I download MangoApps for Android?
How do I log in to MangoApps on my Android device?
What application […]

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Microblogging on Ios Devices

Microblogging on iOS devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different. The best practices of iOS microblogging will be conveyed through answers to the following questions:

What iOS devices and versions does MangoApps support?
Where do I download MangoApps for iOS?
How do I log in […]

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What Are Various Mobile Security Features and Administration in Mangoapps?

Your MangoApps domain will remain secure as users connect via their mobile devices. Mobile device management can be customized by the MangoApps Domain Administrator. To configure the settings for mobile security navigate to “Security” from the admin portal.
What mobile devices can be allowed or disallowed access?
All mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone […]

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What is C2dm for the Android Client?

C2DM for the Android Mobile Client is “Cloud to Device Messaging”, a lightweight mechanism to tell your Android device running MangoApps that there’s content available on the MangoApps server. Some characteristics of C2DM are:

MangoApps does not need to be running to receive C2DM messages.
C2DM uses the existing Google account associated with your Android device.
Your device […]

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What Mobile Management Security Features Are Available in Mangoapps?

To manage Mobile Security Features, navigate to the Admin Portal then choose “Security” from the left navigation -> “Mobile Access” from secondary navigation.
MangoApps Administrators can configure and manage the following features in MangoApps:

Independently configure whether the following device types can connect with the MangoApps server: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Device Management
Each user that […]

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How Do I Log in to Mangoapps from My Mobile Device?

MangoApps has been released as native mobile clients for Apple iPad & iPhone and Android devices.  Logging in to a mobile client is similar to logging in to the MangoApps desktop or web client.  There are 3 requirements for login:

Login ID
MangoApps Domain Server URL

Example Scenario
Your company’s name is “Demo” and your company created as […]

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Where Can I Download All of the Mangoapps Clients?

All the MangoApps clients are available for download within your organization’s domain. Just log in using the Web Client and click on the “Downloads” feature.

You’ll find the downloads for the following applications under the “Downloads” link.

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