How Can Mangoapps Admin Export All Users and User Profile Information?

Admins are able to export users that are using MangoApps then utilize the information for your organization’s needs.
MangoApps allows admins to export users (based on the type of users) and share the list in an XLS or CSV format with others.
Below are the steps to export user and their profiles from the admin portal:
1. Login to […]

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How Can Mangoapps Team Admin Configure Custom Fields at Team Level?

MangApps Team Admins may have a requirement of creating custom fields at the team level to better organize and search files

MangoApps allows team admins can now configure custom fields per team. These custom fields can be set for all files in the team.
Below are the steps on how team admins can create file custom field […]

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How to Manage Team Categories in Mangoapps?

Companies may require the management of teams by categorizing them, in order for easier segmentation. Based on parameters such as geographies, Business Unit, Domains, etc.
This can be done by navigating to any team and then categorizing them. You can add a category while creating either group or a project, as well from the group/project view page.
Steps to create […]

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How to Create Holiday/important Events in Mangoapps?

The company may want to share company holidays and certain important Dates(company events) to all the network users of the portal. This can be achieved from the admin portal.
Steps to create Holiday/Important event in MangoApps:
1. Go to the Admin portal
2. Navigate to Domain > Holidays

3. Click on ‘Add New Holiday’

4. Add the details of the holiday/Important […]

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How Do I Re-label Project, Groups or Department Label?

Based on your organization requirement you can re-label Teams (Project, Groups or Department) to meet your needs. For e.g. some of our clients call Projects as Workspace, Groups as Forums and Departments as Stores.
Follow steps here to re-label teams;

To re-label Teams go to the Admin portal, then click Modules -> then Project, groups or departments (which ever you wish […]

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Creating and Adding New Modules to Mangoapps

There are two general ways to add your custom applications to MangoApps for everyone to use:

As a Bookmark App from the Admin Portal
Using Open APIs by registering your app in the Admin Portal

Bookmark Applications
Bookmark Applications are web pages you add to MangoApps so that everyone can access those web pages without leaving MangoApps. The Custom Application web […]

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What Happens to Mangoapps when I Remove a Domain Level Module?

MangoApps is made up of many modules that integrate very well with each other to make a single Collaboration Suite. What if you don’t want certain functionality? How can you turn that off, and how does turning off one module affect the others, or does it? Some modules only remove their own functionality, and some […]

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How Can I Merge Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will guide you through the process of merging teams within MangoApps. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to merge teams?
How do I merge teams?
Which teams can I merge?
What will happen to the admin(s) and members of the merged team?
What will happen if the […]

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How Can I Archive a Project in Mangoapps?

There are several key concepts about project archival in MangoApps. This article addresses the following questions:

Why should I archive a project rather than delete it?
How do I archive a project?
Can I find an archived project with a search?
Who can see archived projects?
How can I see a list of archived projects?
How do I recover an archived […]

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How Do I Customize the Workflow of a Task Based on My Organizational Needs?

Customize the workflow of Tasks
The main or project task module  Select “Tasks Tools” and “Task Settings” from the drop-down.

Projects Tasks.
you can create or change the Workflow with the following options.
Task is accepted when:
1. Anyone of the approvers accepts the task.
2. All approvers accept the Task.
Default Task Approvers:
Here you can add additional Approvers as a default […]

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How Do Project and Group Custom Fields Work?

Custom fields helps users see the big picture or an eagle eye view through information that is visible across groups and projects. Customizable views keep everyone on the same page. Group & Project admins are able to track better project item information, core schedule data, metrics and all that matters with custom fields. The key benefit of […]

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How Can I Match My Company Naming Scheme to Projects and Groups?

MangoApps Domain Administrators can set the name that the domain will use for “Projects” to any name that suits company culture, personal preference, or user workflow. For example, “Projects” could be synonymous with “Workspaces” in your organization. To make this change:

Go to Admin Portal
Choose “Modules” from the left navigation and selected “Projects” from secondary navigation […]

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How Do Administrators Get to Configure Team Names, Content and Members?

Administrators have complete control over team(Group, Project and Department) names, message content, domain members, and group members.
To change these details

Navigate to the Team from left hand navigation bar
click on the Team where the details needs to be changed
click on the more button to select “change details”

Name of the team can be changed from here.

To manage members, […]

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How Can We Add Custom Graphics to the Mangoapps Social Applications?

Yes, you can ad custom award and badge graphics to the social apps by:

Go to Admin Portal
Choose “Apps” from the left navigation bar.
Select the application you want to add a badge to from the secondary navigation.
Click the “Select your award/office fun/gift” link at the bottom of the award graphics list.
Browse to the award image on […]

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How Do I Rename a Team(group/project/department)?

To rename a Team(Group/Project/Department), you must be the creator, a network administrator or an appointed admin of the team.

Navigate to the MangoApps left hand navigation bar and select the option(Group/Project/Department) where the team exist
click on the team you want to rename
click on the more button to choose “Change details”

Type a new name into the “Name” box […]

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How Do I Add or Remove Modules on My Mangoapps Domain?

The Network admin’s can easily configure the domain with various modules. To enable or disable modules on the domain Go to the admin portal and click on Modules.
Modules setup is a way for domain admins to enable or disable core functionality in MangoApps. Think of each module as a solution capable of providing full functionality […]

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