How Can I Embed Weather Updates in Pages?

MangoApps allows you to easily pull in content from external sources and embed the content via widgets within MangoApps. This can be used to embed your weather updates or company stock updates, or any other web service offering iFrame embed code.
Setup instructions to follow on to embed weather updates via widgets within MangoApps:
1) Copy code […]

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How to Add Location Based Groups for Your Office Location?

You can now create a location-based group for each of your office locations.
With these location-based groups, the group membership is automatically managed for you. For example, if a user is assigned the office location as ‘Seattle’, he is automatically made part of the ‘Seattle Location Group’ and has access to all the pages, files, posts, […]

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How to Create Anonymous Surveys in Mangoapps ?

Organizations may want to create Anonymous Surveys as they are more likely to get maximum responses with honest and valuable answers/feedback than Non-Anonymous Surveys. The anonymity of the respondent is honored and thus encourages respondents to participate in the survey.
Anonymous surveys let employees express how they feel about their work, team, and company. Take action […]

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How to Use Survey Module in Mangoapps?

What are surveys?
Surveys enable you to design a set of questions which then allows you to conduct HR surveys, measure job satisfaction and get employee feedback to drive up engagement.
Where is Survey module available in MangoApps?
The survey is available as a module in Social Intranet, Team Collaboration & All in One Suite offering of MangoApps.
Who […]

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How to Use Quiz Module in Mangoapps?

What are Quizzes?
Quizzes enable you to design a set of questions which then allows you to test employee knowledge, conduct competitions and drive employee learning in your company. Like other modules, quizzes module is accessible to users via the primary navigation bar on the left.
Where is Quiz module available in MangoApps?
Quizzes are available as a module […]

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How to Categorize Company Posts in Mangoapps?

You may need to categorize company posts based on the content of the post.
In order to add a category to the post, you will first need to add post categories inside the portal and then create post within that category.
Steps to view, edit and add post categories.
1. Navigate to Company module.
2. Click on ‘Tools > View Post […]

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How Do I Make My Post Also Be a Must Read?

Must read posts are great when you wish to convey to your co-workers that this is a must read post. Must read posts get a special icon on the post title. There are two types of Must read’s you can configure for posts;

Standard – Message content is visible to be read. No Acknowledgement report will be available.
Acknowledgement required […]

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How Can I Organize Menus & Pages?

As an Intranet admin, team admin or Network admin you can choose to organize the menus and pages to display content per your requirement, refer instructions here to achieve the same;
1. Navigate to Pages within teams then click “Page Tools”, if Intranet then “Tools” within Company
2. Click “Organize Menus & Pages” from the drop-down
3. To re-order pages simply drag […]

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Pages: What is the Difference Between Static and Dynamic Templates?

In simplest terms, static pages in MangoApps are those with content that cannot change without an page creator or admin editing the page while dynamic pages can display different content from across MangoApps updated dynamically without needing to edit the page.
When it comes to choosing between static or dynamic pages, what is important is the purpose each […]

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How Do I Create Dynamic Templates?

Intranet managers & team admins can now easily keep the pages fresh and up-to-date with Dynamic templates using 30+ Widgets available out of box.
To get started click on “Add Page” on the Company Intranet or Pages tab within Teams, the follow steps here;
Step 1: Pick a layout for the page from a choice of static & dynamic templates.
Specify a name for your page […]

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How Do I Make My Post Also Be an Announcement?

There are multiple ways to make a team post as an announcement.
1. Announcement via Compose Box.

Select the Universal compose box
Click on Write a Post from the drop-down.

The Post dialog box will open and you can quickly create a post here for a team and everyone (company admins) or all my followers (network users).
Once you have created a title and […]

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What is Home?
How do I enable Home?
Can I change the label from”Home” to some other word?
Who can configure Home?
How do I make Home my landing page?
How do I remove sample data from the Home?
How can I add more widgets to the Home?
Can I resize or rearrange the order of widgets?
What does arrange widgets mean?
What else can […]

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5 Mangoapps Secrets Revealed

MangoApps is the most feature rich social collaboration platform on the market, offering hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs with just a few clicks.
Most of you are probably familiar with everyday features like, search, profiles, polls, recognition’s, etc, but MangoApps features run even deeper than that.
In fact, there […]

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Unified Intranet with Company News & Company Info Pages

What is in the unified Intranet?
Our new unified Intranet feature gives users a more convenient way of accessing posts and relevant information.
If enabled, it allows an admin to create multiple Intranet pages, share updates and allow people to comment on them. Additionally, a Network/Intranet admins can create a banner to display on top of the page making it […]

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How to Reorder Posts in Mangoapps?

The following questions have been answered regarding the reordering of posts in the MangoApps Intranet:

How do I reorder posts on the Intranet Home Page
How do admins specify the order of posts so that users can choose “Admin Specified Order” from “Intranet” -> “Posts”?

How do I reorder posts on the Intranet Home Page?
To reorder posts visit […]

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How Can I Add Additional Apps to Mangoapps?

Yes, you can with the Apps module. Here are the steps to create and make an app available for your users within MangoApps.

Go to “Admin Portal“
Click on the “Apps” tab, and select “Bookmark Apps” from secondary navigation to click “New Item” on the top right

Name your app, upload a photo, choose The application type (Custom […]

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How Do I Configure Intranet/company Admins in Mangoapps?

Intranet administrators can be created by a MangoApps network admin. Any network user can be made an Intranet Admin. MangoApps network admins are automatically shown as Intranet Administrators.
To assign Intranet Admins:

While logged in as a MangoApps Domain Administrator, navigate to the “Company” module in the User Portal, click on Company Tools then “Assign Intranet Admins”

Start […]

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What Are Departments and How Do I Use Them?

Departments in MangoApps are the collection of your intranet data and members into one centralized location. As most organizations use departments to separate job function and location, MangoApps can also separate those pieces of information so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. The questions that will be answered in this […]

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What is an “office Card” in Mangoapps?

An Office Card is a quick way to start a communication with one of your colleagues or to see more information about a colleague. To open the office card, click directly on the picture of a colleague. You can find their picture in an activity stream or from the “People” feature of MangoApps. The “Office” […]

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How Can I Setup Organization Chart in Mangoapps?

A company’s org chart is how people learn about other people they’re working with. The questions that come up regarding the MangoApps Org Chart include:

How do I view the org chart in MangoApps?
Who can edit the org chart?
How do I edit the org chart?
How do I navigate the org chart?
What information is shown in the […]

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