Who Gets to Comment on My Submitted Idea?

While your idea is is the “Idea Socialization” phase, all colleagues have the opportunity to comment on your idea. Often input from colleagues provides the best details for refinement and prioritization of the idea.

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How to Use Idea Module in Mangoapps?

By the end of this article you will be an expert on MangoApps ideas in the following topics:

Who’s Ideas can I see?
What is the Idea Box
How do I search for submitted ideas?
How do I submit a new Idea?
What does Idea status mean?
What Can I do to implement an Idea?

Who’s Ideas can I see?
As a domain network […]

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How Can I Communicate with an Idea Submitter?

There are multiple ways to communicate and collaborate with an idea submitter without leaving MangoApps. Communicate openly or privately by:

Have a group chat
Add a mention to any activity stream feed
Start a poll
Ask a question


Direct Message
Send an IM

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Who Can Change the Status of an Idea?

Idea Committee members change the status of each idea as it moves through the ideas Lifecycle.
To see the status of any idea, navigate to the respective idea.

An Idea Admin can change the Idea’s status from Admin Tools

and then selecting the appropriate status

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Why Should I Attach Files to My Submitted Idea?

File attachments can bring in background information, more detail that can be provided while authoring the idea in MangoIdeas, and save time in explaining all the intricate details of your idea. If files become irrelevant to the idea or are outdated, they can be deleted later and replaced.

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What Information Do I Need to Submit with an Idea?

The simplest idea submission contains only the 2 items required by the “Post an Idea” form: “Title” and “Idea Summary”. Providing the extra information such as tags on the submission form and file attachments that give more detail to your idea as a whole will help people better form an opinion and be informed about […]

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What Statuses Can Be Assigned to Ideas?

Idea Committee members can assign the following statuses to ideas that are in the queue:

Under Review
Already Offered
Partially Implemented

To manage an idea and assign a status as an Idea Committee member:

Click on “Ideas” from the left hand navigation.
Locate the idea you wish to change the status for
Click on the button besides idea tools then change status

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How Does My Organization Select the Mangoideas Idea Committee?

The idea committee is a small group of people appointed by the leaders in your organization and assigned to be MangoIdeas Committee Members by the Domain Administrator. The purpose of this small committee is to be accountable for the advancement of ideas through the idea life cycle. Members of this committee should have a good […]

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What is the Mangoideas “idea Commitee”?

The Idea Committee is the small group of leaders appointed by the organization to be accountable for moving submitted ideas through the MangoIdeas Life Cycle. This committee is the decision maker after the idea has been conceived, authored, socialized, and refined. The Idea Committee should triage to close on ideas to be implemented, partially implemented, […]

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