How to Setup Your Portal’s Getting Started Page?

When a user successfully logs into MangoApps for the first time, they are presented with a set of steps to get started with MangoApps. As a domain admin, you can customize this getting started experience for your domain user here.
Domain admins can now ‘configure‘ and ‘sequence‘ the steps users go thru’ on their first login […]

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Mangoapps Product Tour Video

This is a product tour video covering how to use MangoApps

To build a modern & engaging company Intranet for all your employees
To fuel team collaboration to drive productivity, create a competitive advantage and deliver on your business needs


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Getting Started with Departments

What can I do with departments?
Departments are a separate module, you can pin you departments to the main navigation bar. If you’re a domain admin, you can also turn departments off or on.

How do I create departments for a new domain?
We have customized some default departments that will automatically appear in your new domain. These […]

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How Do I Bulk Invite People to Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will show you how to invite people in bulk to teams. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to bulk invite people to teams?
How can I bulk invite people to teams?
Can I invite users from other teams?
What are the other ways I can invite […]

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How Do I Invite Users by Importing from a Csv File?

If the network admin wants to invite a list of large number of users to the portal, then he can do it by using the “Import CSV” feature in MangoApps.
Steps to import users from CSV
I. Creating a CSV file
To invite users by importing them from a CSV file, first you need to create a CSV file with […]

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How to Use “like” on Content in Mangoapps?

A familiar concept in MangoApps is the ability to “Like” content that is contributed by others. The questions this article answers will outline the best practices of “Like” in MangoApps and include:

Why should I “Like” something in MangoApps?
How do I “Like” something, in general?
Once I “Like” something, can I change my mind and remove my […]

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How Do I Mention Someone in Mangoapps?

The best practices for mentioning a colleague in MangoApps can be covered by answering the following questions about the mention feature. By the end of the article you’ll know the answers to:

What is a mention in MangoApps?
When should I use mentions in MangoApps?
Where can I find my mentions in MangoApps?
Can I get an email notification […]

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How to Follow Colleagues You Work with in Mangoapps?

This article introduces the best practices of following Colleagues in your MangoApps domain. To get started we’ll cover:

Why should you follow colleagues in your domain?
Who should you follow?
How do you follow a colleague?
Who is following you?

After you know the major points in this article, go out and follow MangoApps Colleagues in our own domain.
Why should […]

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Mangoapps for Windows and Mac Getting Started Guide


How do I install MangoApps for Windows and MangoApps for Mac?
How do I log in to MangoApps for Windows and MangoApps for Mac?
How is MangoApps for Windows and MangoApps for Mac Organized?
What settings can I change from the “Gear” menu?
What information can I get from the “Help” menu?
What changes can I make from the top-level […]

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Are There Tips for Getting Started in Mangoapps?

What is MangoApps?

MangoApps allows your employees, project teams, clients, and partners to share and collaborate on critical business information from anywhere in the world.
You follow the content, groups and people you are interested in and updates and information come to your Activity Stream to easily keep up to date on what matters to you.
MangoApps domains […]

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How Can I Create Folders for Documents Within Mangoapps?

To create a folder in MangoApps:

Go to “Files” from the left navigation Bar.
Click the “Create New Folder” button on the top right of the screen.
Name the folder in the “Create Folder” Box.
Select the “Parent Folder”
Optionally set permissions for the folder. You can choose to keep the same permissions as the parent folder.
Click  “Done” button to finish creating […]

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How Can I Download a Specific Document?

Depending upon where the file is attached, you can download them by click on “Download”
Files details page

Download files attached to a feed

Download file from files & folder

Download file attached to a wiki or post

Download file attached to page

Download from viewer

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What Information Do I Need to Submit with an Idea?

The simplest idea submission contains only the 2 items required by the “Post an Idea” form: “Title” and “Idea Summary”. Providing the extra information such as tags on the submission form and file attachments that give more detail to your idea as a whole will help people better form an opinion and be informed about […]

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How Do I Create a Task (stand Alone) for Myself?

You can create a task and assign it to yourself or someone else. This will be a stand-alone task not associated with a project.
The steps are:

Select the Compose box and pick “Create a Task” from the drop-down. You can also go to the Tasks Main Module and select “Add New Task”
Remove any project from the […]

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