How Do I Reset or Change My Password?

Forgotten Password
From the Login screen of the MangoApps Web Client, click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the password box in the Login form.
Clicking “Forgot Password?” on the MangoApps Web Client Login screen takes you to the below screen;
Follow these steps to complete the reset password process.

Enter you MangoApps email ID in the “Email ID” section […]

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How Can I Add Additional Apps to Mangoapps?

Yes, you can with the Apps module. Here are the steps to create and make an app available for your users within MangoApps.

Go to “Admin Portal“
Click on the “Apps” tab, and select “Bookmark Apps” from secondary navigation to click “New Item” on the top right

Name your app, upload a photo, choose The application type (Custom […]

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How Do I Pin Important Content in Mangoapps?

Pinning is a general concept in MangoApps. You can pin many things such as feeds, wikis, and posts, among others. Pinning may work differently between the different types of content or additional pinning features may be available. This article will cover everything you need to know about pinning all types of content in MangoApps.

Why would […]

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How Do I Add Multiple Documents to Mangoapps on the Web?

You can use a HTML 5 enabled browser** to Drag & Drop multiple files for upload to MangoApps by:

Create folders in MangoApps in “My Project Files” or “All Files” that you will choose later when you are uploading files.

Click on the “Files” module from the left navigation bar.
Click “Upload New Files” from the top right corner.

From your […]

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Where Can I Access Recent Mangoapps Release Notes?

To access the Release notes, click on the arrow pointing downwards next to your name on the top right corner and select “Help Center”

This opens the “Help Center” window. Then click on “Latest Release Notes”

This opens the Release notes in a new browser window.

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What Browsers Does Mangoapps Support?

MangoApps is designed to work with the current or the immediately preceding versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and with the latest version of Google Chrome and Safari. However, for the best experience when you use MangoApps, we recommend that you always use the latest version of the browser in question.
Firefox and Chrome are both […]

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What Browsers Does the Mangoapps Document Viewer Work In?

MangoApps Document Viewer will work on 99% of the world’s browsers as long as JavaScript is enabled. The shortened list of modern browsers that are certified with MangoApps Document Viewer includes: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera.

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Is Mangoapps Available in Other Languages Besides English?

Yes. MangoApps translation is accomplished through a crowd-sourced translation solution, where MangoApps users contribute their translated phrases and the best translation becomes part of MangoApps. The percent complete for each individual language varies.
Content including feeds, attachments, and comments in MangoApps can be entered in any language. You can help translate MangoApps using the crowd-source translation […]

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How to Turn-off Email Notification from Mangoapps?

There are three types of emails in MangoApps, These email can be turned off as per your preference:
1. Getting Started Emails – These emails are sent to admins only and for the purpose of sharing help resources in the initial couple of weeks. They can’t be turned off for shared cloud customers at this time. These emails are not sent for Private/On-Premise customers.
2. Digest […]

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