Everything you need to know about #Hashtags

What are hashtags?
Hashtags are a simple way of categorizing content in your domain into topics by using the hashtag symbol ‘#’ along with the topic or phrase and adding it to your post. For example:This is a great sales update! #SalesWin.Hashtags automatically turn the topic or phrase into clickable links in your post. Hashtags help […]

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What MangoApps content can I find when I search by keyword, colleague name, document name or group name using unified search?

Any search criteria you provide during a general search is applied to all possible content in MangoApps. Whole or partial names of colleagues and files can be used as search criteria. Searches will return matches in the following categories that are listed on the left-side menu of the search results page:

Full Network
Files and Folders
Pages, Posts, […]

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How does MangoApps Unified Search work?

What MangoApps elements are searched for each search type?
The table below shows which MangoApps elements are searched when specific search types are chosen. Since “Full Network” is the most comprehensive search, it is shown last in the list because it includes everything in the list for its search criteria.

Search Type
Search Locations


Message content
Message sender’s name

Reply content
Reply […]

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