Can I Attach a Document to a Team(group, Project or Department)?

There are multiple ways to upload a file to a Team(Group, Project or Department)
1. Through a new post to the Team

Click “Compose” button on the top
Select the Team and type the post.
click “Attach” to attach a document.

2. When commenting on an existing feed
3. Through Files section of the Team

Choose the Team section from the left hand […]

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Can I Download All My Documents at Once?

Documents can be downloaded at the MangoApps folder level when you want to download more than one document at once. Folders need to be downloaded one by one. So if the documents that you want to download are scattered between folders, they must be downloaded one by one. However, if documents have bee added to […]

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How Can I Upload Multiple Attachments at Once?

Each communication in MangoApps can have multiple attachments associated with it, and attachments can be added by Drag & Drop. While one file is uploading, another can be attached. Just click the “Attach” link to browse to your file and begin the upload process. Or drag it directly into your communication.


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What Type of Files Can Be Attached to My Microblogs?

File of any file type and any size can be attached to microblogs, including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, applications and system files. Files will not be blocked by MangoApps because of size or file type.
Please ensure that the files that you are trying to attach does not have special characters like : { \ etc […]

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How Can I Download a Specific Document?

Depending upon where the file is attached, you can download them by click on “Download”
Files details page

Download files attached to a feed

Download file from files & folder

Download file attached to a wiki or post

Download file attached to page

Download from viewer

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How Can I Share a File or Folder with Colleagues?

You can a share a folder from any of the teams (groups, department, projects), My Drive, Network Drive, refer steps here;

Click on Files from the left hand navigation.
Locate the file or folder you wish to share.
From the “Action Icons” against the file or folder you wish to share click on “Share”

You can also share a file from the files details […]

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