How to Add Location Based Groups for Your Office Location?

You can now create a location-based group for each of your office locations.
With these location-based groups, the group membership is automatically managed for you. For example, if a user is assigned the office location as ‘Seattle’, he is automatically made part of the ‘Seattle Location Group’ and has access to all the pages, files, posts, […]

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How Can Mangoapps Team Admin Configure Custom Fields at Team Level?

MangApps Team Admins may have a requirement of creating custom fields at the team level to better organize and search files

MangoApps allows team admins can now configure custom fields per team. These custom fields can be set for all files in the team.
Below are the steps on how team admins can create file custom field […]

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How to Invite List of Guest Users to a Team in Mangoapps?

A Team in MangoApps can have both network users and guest users. Guest users can be added to a team one at a time and thus adding each user from a list of guest-users to a team can be a tedious task. MangoApps allows importing/loading a list of guest-users to a group using CSV import to […]

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How to Post an Update/question/poll/blog Post to Multiple Teams?

The network may have a requirement of composing an update/question/post/poll to multiple teams to save time from posting the same content on multiple teams. Currently, this can be achieved in MangoApps by 2 ways:
1. In the To list, add multiple teams (Applicable only for Update/Question/Poll). Below are the steps to achieve this:
a. Click on “Universal Compose” […]

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How to Restrict a Network User to Be Able to Create a Project/groups?

A Network Admin might like to have only limited number of Projects/Groups in a given scenario by restricting network users to be able to create projects/groups. This way, only a Network Admin or a Network User with permissions  would be able to create a new project/group.
To restrict network users, a Network Admin need to go to […]

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How Can I Set-up Default Landing Module in a Team?

Non-members of your team (project, departments & groups) by default can be landed on a default module configured by the network admin or the team admin when navigating to the respective team, refer steps here;
1. Navigate to the team, click on Admin Tools -> Settings -> Landing Page Settings
2. From the drop down, choose the module you wish […]

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Can I Rename Projects or Groups?

A domain or project administrator can rename projects and groups. The steps are:

Click on more button to choose “Change details”
In “change details, change the name and click “Save”:

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How Do I Make My Post Also Be an Announcement?

There are multiple ways to make a team post as an announcement.
1. Announcement via Compose Box.

Select the Universal compose box
Click on Write a Post from the drop-down.

The Post dialog box will open and you can quickly create a post here for a team and everyone (company admins) or all my followers (network users).
Once you have created a title and […]

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How Can I Communicate with Group Members?

Communicate with your entire MangoApps group at once through group chat IM sessions and group wall posts. Or communicate with specific group members through direct messages, single colleague wall posts, 1-to-1 IM sessions, updates and posts.

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What Does It Mean to Mark Team “private” Rather Than “public”?

In general, “private” in the context of MangoApps means that communication is restricted to a specific audience and will not be viewable by everyone in the network.
Direct Messages are private and their associated document attachments are viewable only by the colleague that receive the Direct Message, and the originator of the communication.
Groups and Project can […]

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Can I Add Comments or Files to Any Communication in Mangoapps?

Yes, any communication that produces a feed or an instant message can include files as part of the communication. To attach a file to a feed, click the “Attach” link while composing the feed. To attach a file to an IM or chat, choose “Attach File”.
Furthermore, comments can be added to any feed, document or […]

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How Can I Tell if a Group is Private?

You can tell that a group is private by looking for the lock icon listed beside the group in the MangoApps web client. The same lock icon appears in the other MangoApps clients indicating the private setting.

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How Can I Merge Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will guide you through the process of merging teams within MangoApps. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to merge teams?
How do I merge teams?
Which teams can I merge?
What will happen to the admin(s) and members of the merged team?
What will happen if the […]

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How Do I Bulk Invite People to Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will show you how to invite people in bulk to teams. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to bulk invite people to teams?
How can I bulk invite people to teams?
Can I invite users from other teams?
What are the other ways I can invite […]

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How Do I Add / Invite Someone to a Team?

To add or invite a colleague to a Team you created or a public Team:

Click on the “Groups” in the left navigation bar.
Choose the group from the list/grid that you want to add members.
Choose “Members” from the secondary navigation bar of the group.
Choose the “Invite Members” button from the top right.
Either start typing a person’s name that is […]

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How Does Mangoapps Compare to Older “collaboration” Tools Like Email That Businesses Struggle with Today?

MangoApps is different than other types of communication and collaboration software because:

Communication is open to the broad audience of your teammates so that you don’t have to explicitly choose who receives your communications.
You receive only the communications from people that you “Follow” avoiding the majority of irrelevant communication.
Colleagues can comment and see other colleagues’ comments […]

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Can Team Communications Be Restricted to Network Users Only?

Team communications can be to all members of the team including external guest users or be restricted to just the network users that are on the team.
To restrict team communications to network users:

Start composing a project wall post.
Find the “Who can see this message?” menu under the composition window.
Choose “Network Users Only”.

Visual Notifications:
Restricted conversations show […]

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How Do I Find the Owner of a Project or Group?

You can find the owner of a public or private project even if you are not a member of the project. Just click on the picture on the right side of the project to show the details including the owner. For private projects, you’ll need to go to “All Projects” and click on the picture […]

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Using Groups

By the end of this article you will have answered questions pertaining to using the Groups in MangoApps. The topics covered in this article are divided by a series of frequently asked questions including:

What are group modules?
Can I reorder the modules?
Can I set a default landing page for a group?

What are group modules?
In each and […]

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How Do I Move My Wiki to Another Group or Project?

To Move a wiki from it’s current location to another Group or Project:

Make sure the destination group or project has the wikis module enabled.

Go to the wiki that you will be moving and click on “Wiki Tools” on the top right to select “Move”

Remove the current project from the “Select destination Project or Group”.

Start typing […]

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When Should I Use Groups, Projects or Departments in Mangoapps?

Create the Intranet you have always wanted with rich, powerful departmental pages for every department, job function or location in your organization. There is no limit to how many departments that admins can create or for their purpose. Users can follow as many departments as they want to get important updates from HR, Sales, or […]

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How Do I Add a New Guest User to a Project or a Group?

To add a guest user to a project or group:

First make sure that guest users are enabled for the group or project. Click “Admin Tools” button from the top right menu, go to “Settings” to select “Guest User Settings”
Once “Guest Users” is enabled for your group or project you can add guest users by their […]

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How Do I Organize Events in Projects and Groups?

To organize an event in a project or group:

Choose the project or group from “All” or “My” Projects or Groups
Choose the “Calendar” tab.
Click the “Create” button and select “An Event”
Complete “Step 1”

Optionally continue to Step 2 to add details and Step 3 to invite Guests

Your new event will get added to the group or project event […]

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How Do Project and Group Custom Fields Work?

Custom fields helps users see the big picture or an eagle eye view through information that is visible across groups and projects. Customizable views keep everyone on the same page. Group & Project admins are able to track better project item information, core schedule data, metrics and all that matters with custom fields. The key benefit of […]

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How Can I Match My Company Naming Scheme to Projects and Groups?

MangoApps Domain Administrators can set the name that the domain will use for “Projects” to any name that suits company culture, personal preference, or user workflow. For example, “Projects” could be synonymous with “Workspaces” in your organization. To make this change:

Go to Admin Portal
Choose “Modules” from the left navigation and selected “Projects” from secondary navigation […]

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How Do Administrators Get to Configure Team Names, Content and Members?

Administrators have complete control over team(Group, Project and Department) names, message content, domain members, and group members.
To change these details

Navigate to the Team from left hand navigation bar
click on the Team where the details needs to be changed
click on the more button to select “change details”

Name of the team can be changed from here.

To manage members, […]

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How Can I Have a Team(group/project/department) Chat?

You chat with an entire Team(Group/Project/Department) members at once. Any Team member that is online will instantly receive your chat messages. Team members that are offline can view the team chat session later since it is reviewable later in MangoApps.
To start a Team chat, click the “Team” from left hand navigation bar in MangoApps, find your Team, and click […]

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Can I Attach a Document to a Team(group, Project or Department)?

There are multiple ways to upload a file to a Team(Group, Project or Department)
1. Through a new post to the Team

Click “Compose” button on the top
Select the Team and type the post.
click “Attach” to attach a document.

2. When commenting on an existing feed
3. Through Files section of the Team

Choose the Team section from the left hand […]

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How Do I Set Team (group, Project and Department) Permissions?

To set a Team’s(Group, Project and Department) permissions

Navigate to Team from left hand navigation bar and choose the team which you wish to set permissions for.
Click Manage settings “3 dot” button and select “Edit ‘Team’ & Module Details”

Specify who can join and view group’s content by making groups either “Public”, “Private” or “Secret”. The creator […]

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How Do I Rename a Team(group/project/department)?

To rename a Team(Group/Project/Department), you must be the creator, a network administrator or an appointed admin of the team.

Navigate to the MangoApps left hand navigation bar and select the option(Group/Project/Department) where the team exist
click on the team you want to rename
click on the more button to choose “Change details”

Type a new name into the “Name” box […]

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How Do I Add an “out-of-network/guest” User to a Group?

To add “out-of-network users” to a group, your domain must be configured to allow invites of out-of-network users to groups by group members. Then simply invite them to the group using their out-of-network email address. The out-of-network group member will be made a “guest user”. Guest users can see the communication and documents of the […]

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Can I Join a Group Without Being Invited?

Public MangoApps Groups can be joined by anyone without an invitation from an administrator.

You can send a “Join” request for Private groups and a group administrator can approve your request letting you join the group.


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Can One Person Be Part of Multiple Teams?

Yes, one person can be part of multiple teams (groups, departments, projects, etc) in MangoApps. You will stay informed of all communications from each team that you are a belong to on your Inbox.
Activity Stream feeds in MangoApps show which group the activity feed originates from.

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How Can I Leave a Team in Mangoapps?

Yes, you can leave teams (groups, projects or departments). There are a couple of scenarios to consider when removing yourself from a team:

Am I the creator or last admin of the team?
Am I a member and NOT the creator or last admin of the team?

Am I the creator or last admin of the team?
If you […]

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