How to Post an Update/question/poll/blog Post to Multiple Teams?

The network may have a requirement of composing an update/question/post/poll to multiple teams to save time from posting the same content on multiple teams. Currently, this can be achieved in MangoApps by 2 ways:
1. In the To list, add multiple teams (Applicable only for Update/Question/Poll). Below are the steps to achieve this:
a. Click on “Universal Compose” […]

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How Can I Set-up Default Landing Module in a Team?

Non-members of your team (project, departments & groups) by default can be landed on a default module configured by the network admin or the team admin when navigating to the respective team, refer steps here;
1. Navigate to the team, click on Admin Tools -> Settings -> Landing Page Settings
2. From the drop down, choose the module you wish […]

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Getting Started with Departments

What can I do with departments?
Departments are a separate module, you can pin you departments to the main navigation bar. If you’re a domain admin, you can also turn departments off or on.

How do I create departments for a new domain?
We have customized some default departments that will automatically appear in your new domain. These […]

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How Can I Merge Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will guide you through the process of merging teams within MangoApps. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to merge teams?
How do I merge teams?
Which teams can I merge?
What will happen to the admin(s) and members of the merged team?
What will happen if the […]

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How Do I Bulk Invite People to Teams in Mangoapps?

This article will show you how to invite people in bulk to teams. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to bulk invite people to teams?
How can I bulk invite people to teams?
Can I invite users from other teams?
What are the other ways I can invite […]

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How Can I Sync Departments in Active Directory or Ldap with Mangoapps Departments?

You can map your Active Directory departments that can be used as MangoApps Intranet Departments. To accomplish this mapping from the Admin Portal:

Choose “Integrate” -> “Single Sign On” -> “Active Directory/LDAP”.

In “Step 2”, fill in your AD department name in the text entry box for “Department”.

After all the necessary information has been entered, click the […]

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When Should I Use Groups, Projects or Departments in Mangoapps?

Create the Intranet you have always wanted with rich, powerful departmental pages for every department, job function or location in your organization. There is no limit to how many departments that admins can create or for their purpose. Users can follow as many departments as they want to get important updates from HR, Sales, or […]

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What Are Departments and How Do I Use Them?

Departments in MangoApps are the collection of your intranet data and members into one centralized location. As most organizations use departments to separate job function and location, MangoApps can also separate those pieces of information so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. The questions that will be answered in this […]

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Can I Attach a Document to a Team(group, Project or Department)?

There are multiple ways to upload a file to a Team(Group, Project or Department)
1. Through a new post to the Team

Click “Compose” button on the top
Select the Team and type the post.
click “Attach” to attach a document.

2. When commenting on an existing feed
3. Through Files section of the Team

Choose the Team section from the left hand […]

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How Do I Set Team (group, Project and Department) Permissions?

To set a Team’s(Group, Project and Department) permissions

Navigate to Team from left hand navigation bar and choose the team which you wish to set permissions for.
Click Manage settings “3 dot” button and select “Edit ‘Team’ & Module Details”

Specify who can join and view group’s content by making groups either “Public”, “Private” or “Secret”. The creator […]

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How Do I Rename a Team(group/project/department)?

To rename a Team(Group/Project/Department), you must be the creator, a network administrator or an appointed admin of the team.

Navigate to the MangoApps left hand navigation bar and select the option(Group/Project/Department) where the team exist
click on the team you want to rename
click on the more button to choose “Change details”

Type a new name into the “Name” box […]

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