How Do I Configure Who Can Send Im?

As a domain admin you can control who can send IM in a specific team. The choices you have are

Any Member of the team can Send IM (default)
Domain Admins and Team Admins can Send IM
Only Domain Admins can Send IM

This is great feature for admins to share important announcements and news in a team. This team has no […]

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How Can Admin Control Chat Content Deletion in Mangoapps?

MangoApps Network admin can prevent deletion of messages inside the Instant Messages (IM) conversations. The setting can control both Private Chat and Team Chat for the MangoApps portal.
Note: Teams includes projects, groups, departments, and opportunities
The 2 settings available for Private Chat are:
a. No one can delete messages – Selecting this setting, no individual chat conversation cannot delete his/her message, even […]

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How to Mute a Team in Mangoapps?

In order to prevent yourself from being distracted by IMs/chats inside a team. The network user in MangoApps may choose to mute notification for IMs/Chats from a team, that he/she is member of.
The network user can mute a team using MangoApps native app or MangoApps mobile app.
Steps to mute a team using MangoApps native app:
1. Open MangoApps native app […]

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As Admin, How Can I View Users’ Chat History?

Admins have a lot of priviledges. If an admin needs to see the conversations of one user to another user, there are a couple of options.

Create a Superuser Password and log in as another user in the domain.
When logged in as another user, view their IM’s with other members by choosing a member from their […]

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What Web Technology Does Mangoapps Social Bar Use?

Social bar on MangoApps uses WebSockets, an advanced technology that makes it possible to open an interactive communication session between the user’s. The WebSocket protocol is currently supported in most major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Refer below table for the supported browser along with it’s version.

Internet Explorer





Version 10
Version 31
Version 31
Version 7
Version […]

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How Can I Send Message to Network Users in Mangoapps?

How can I send message to network users in MangoApps?
Often, a microblog immediately raises a question about a topic. With Presence-enabled IM built into MangoApps, you can see if the contributor of the microblog is online and if they are, you can send them an IM to ask the question that was raised by their […]

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How Do I Delete the Im Chat History?

Delete I.M Chat History.
You can edit your side of any 1-to-1 chat you have participated in. If you are the group or project admin you can edit the chat record for all participants. Here’s how you do it.
You need to view the chat history.
This can be done one of three ways:

To perform a full search […]

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What Do Different “message Statuses” on the Desktop App Mean?

Messages statues enables the end-user to find the final status of message after it is sent. There are 5 message statuses available in MangoApps (Both web and Native App).
IM delivery successful: This means your message sent was received by the server (will now appear in history), and it appeared in the desktop client on your colleagues computer. This […]

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How Can I Have a Team(group/project/department) Chat?

You chat with an entire Team(Group/Project/Department) members at once. Any Team member that is online will instantly receive your chat messages. Team members that are offline can view the team chat session later since it is reviewable later in MangoApps.
To start a Team chat, click the “Team” from left hand navigation bar in MangoApps, find your Team, and click […]

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How Can You Start an Instant Message with One of Your Colleagues?

You can quickly start an instant message with a colleague by clicking on their profile picture from your feed queue or from “People” in the left navigation bar . Their “Office Card” will be displayed. Click “View Full Profile”

Profile of the user will be displayed. Click “Send IM” to start an IM conversation

If they are […]

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