How is a Company Event Different from a Team Event in Mangoapps?

Company Event
With MangoApps you can create a company event for your all-hands, a blood drive, rallying up volunteers for a cause etc like company-wide events. These Company events are visible to all network users on their calendar.
To create a company-wide event, please follow the below steps:
1) Click on the universal ‘Compose’ button and then on […]

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How to Create Recurring Events in Mangoapps?

MangoApps allows users to create Recurring Events inside the calendar and in projects. This helps when planning events that need to occur more than once, such as daily or weekly meetings, training, appointments, or workshops.
Recurring events helps users being notified of repeated tasks.
Below are the steps how you can create Recurring Events in MangoApps.
1. Click […]

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How Can Admin Change Start Date of the Week in Mangoapps?

Based on the country, location and demographics of where the company/organization is based out of, the Start Date of the Week may be different for different companies. The network admin can configure the start date of the work week for your company. MangoApps calendar will adjust itself and start the week from the day configured.
Navigate to Admin […]

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How to Create Holiday/important Events in Mangoapps?

The company may want to share company holidays and certain important Dates(company events) to all the network users of the portal. This can be achieved from the admin portal.
Steps to create Holiday/Important event in MangoApps:
1. Go to the Admin portal
2. Navigate to Domain > Holidays

3. Click on ‘Add New Holiday’

4. Add the details of the holiday/Important […]

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How Do I Sync to Calendar?

What is MangoApps Sync to Calendar?
What do I need to know about it?
Where do I get the iCalendar (Webcal) address?
What items from MangoApps get synced to my calendar?
What is the difference between sync your calendar & export calendar?
Can guest users sync their calendar items?
Which applications are supported by MangoApps Sync to Calendar?

What is MangoApps Sync […]

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Can Event Invitees Write on the Event Wall?

Yes, invitees and attendees can contribute to the activity stream of messages on the Event Wall. Posts may include changes to the event, information about the venue, or any general comments that other people would find useful pertaining to the event.

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How Can I Comment on an Event in Mangoapps?

The MangoApps Events Wall is the activity stream where attendees post messages. Messages can contain links as well as include pictures and videos. The wall is the central location where all attendees can voice what’s on their mind about the event.
To go to Events Wall, click on Event  in the calendar and select “View Full […]

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How Do I Use the Project Calendar in Mangoapps?

The project calendar is an organized way to see your project tasks and milestones represented by duration bubbles across the days, weeks, and months for their duration. By the end of this article you’ll be able to:

Add the Calendar (and Tasks) module to your Project
Create a Project Milestone
Export to iCal or Outlook
Generate a Report

Add the […]

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Using Events

MangoApps Calendars and Events allows users to schedule their daily work agenda meetings with their colleagues.
With MangoApps Calendar, users can now quickly schedule meetings, setup team events, plan company events and create appointments. For all the events you create you get reminders, so you always know what’s next.
MangoApps events are an easy way to invite […]

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How Do I Organize Events in Projects and Groups?

To organize an event in a project or group:

Choose the project or group from “All” or “My” Projects or Groups
Choose the “Calendar” tab.
Click the “Create” button and select “An Event”
Complete “Step 1”

Optionally continue to Step 2 to add details and Step 3 to invite Guests

Your new event will get added to the group or project event […]

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How Do I See the Status of the Rsvp List?

Any event invitee or attendee can see the confirmed guests and status of other invitees by clicking on the “Events” feature in MangoApps, choosing the event from the Event Calendar, then looking for the “Confirmed Guests” section in the middle of the page. The status of other invitees is listed in the right-side menu under […]

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How Can I Print the Event Guest List in Mangoapps?

To print the event guest list, you must be logged in as the event creator. Then:

Click on the “Events”
Find your event on the calendar and click on it to open the details
Click on Event Tool from the right top
Click on “View or Print Guest List”
Optionally, remove the checks from “Attending”, “May Be Attending”, “Not Attending” […]

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How Can I Cancel an Event?

To cancel an event, you must be logged in as the event creator. Then:

Click on the “Events” feature from the feature list.
Find your event on the calendar then click on it to open the details
From the right-side menu, choose “Cancel this Event”
Optionally, add a personal cancellation note.
Choose the “Yes, I’m Sure” button in the “Cancel […]

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What Type of Privacy Settings Can Be Applied to Events?

The privacy settings that can be applied to events are:

Full Company
Anyone within the MangoApps domain can join the public event without an invitation
Attendees to private events receive invitation from the event creator and the event name is shown on the public event calendar. Domain members may request to join private events and admins of the […]

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