How to Integrate Mangoapps with Microsoft Power Bi?

Domain admins can now monitor activity and view data about their respective MangoApps domain by generating reports in the Admin Portal.
MangoApps integration with Power BI allows you to get a better insight into the data using the Business Analytics feature of Power BI. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where users can create reports […]

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What Are All the Analytics and Insights Available in Mangoapps?

Companies require analytics to measure and track their results, across time and convert ‘data’ to ‘actionable data’.
MangoApps provides analytics at 3 levels, to analyze and delve into employee engagement inside your domain. Which are:
I. Network level.
II. Team level.
III. Individual level.
I. Network level analytics.
Network level analytics gives you idea of how many users are using MangoApps. What kind of […]

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How Do I Integrate Pingone?

MangoApps integration with PingOne lets your users log into MangoApps with the same credentials that they use to log into other cloud-based apps.
These steps will guide you through setting up the Single Sign-On functionality between PingOne and MangoApps;
1. Login to MangoApps and navigate to the admin portal then click on Integration -> Single Sign-on -> SAML
2. Click on the check box “Allow […]

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How Much Bandwidth Does Mangoapps Use?

MangoApps is designed to use as little bandwidth as possible, so that the site performs adequately over high-speed and wireless internet connections.

The average page size in MangoApps is in the order of 90KB.
The service is designed with minimum bandwidth requirements in mind with the support for compression (as defined in the HTTP 1.1 standard) of HTML content before […]

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Understanding Content Analytics

MangoApps content analytics is to provide visibility into the amount of content that is being created, the nature of that content and how it is used on the MangoApps domain.
The content analytics is divided into four parts:
Posts – It is the amount of content which is generated by the various activities done by the users […]

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What Analytic Software Does Mango Integrate With?

Google Analytics shows MangoApps usage data visually through graphs, charts, and tables. There are over 200 pages from your MangoApps domain that are tracked by Google Analaytics. Both user portal pages and admin portal pages are well represented. Please read through the FAQ below to answer questions about Google Analytics integration including:

How do I set […]

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Understanding Mangoapps Analytics

What is Analytics in MangoApps? How do I set it up?
What are the various sections present under Analytics?
What is the ROI Dashboard?
What is User Engagement?
What is Content Analytics?

What is Analytics in MangoApps? How do I set it up?

As a network admin Analytics helps you understand how users are engaging with content on your domain and […]

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Understanding User Engagement

How is user engagement derived in MangoApps?
User Engagement in MangoApps is derived from the actual activities the user performs in the network
What do the 4 user engagement categories imply?

Highly engaged user:  
A user who continuously uses MangoApps on a daily basis. The user performs multiple reading or writing activities in a workday, is active more than 15 days per month […]

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