MangoApps allows ‘Network Admin’ to impose conditions on Password Strength & Policy from the Admin Portal for enhanced security.
This can be achieved by Navigating to ‘Admin Portal > Security > Password’.

Setup Password Strength

Increase the length and strengthen the complexity of the passwords your users are required to use to login. This makes it harder for a user to guess someone else’s password making your user accounts more safer.

Setup Super Password

Super password allows you and other domain admins to login as any user in your domain. With a user’s login id and the super password, you can login as that specific user.

Setup Failed Password Policy

Setup to automatically suspend users after a certain number of incorrect password attempts. The user’s account is de-activated for the specified period of time or until a domain admin activates it again.

For example, each additional attempt could result in a longer lock time.

3 attempts: User account suspended for 1 min
5 attempts: User account suspended for 5 mins
10 attempts: User account suspended for 15 mins
15 attempts: User account suspended until admin enable

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