MangoApps is most useful when you can see everything your team is doing — that includes all the tools you use outside of MangoApps. The webhooks integration module in the MangoApps integration platform let’s you automatically pull information and activity from outside tools into MangoApps in a way that’s timely, relevant and searchable.



At this time out of the box the following webhook based integrations are supported and we continue to add more every release!
  1. JIRA – Issue tracking product from Atlassian.
  2. Airbrake – Error monitoring and handling.
  3. New Relic – Real-time application performance management.
  4. GitHub – Source control and code management.
  5. Pingdom – Uptime and performance monitoring.
  6. MailChimp – Online email marketing and contact management.
  7. Beanstalk – A complete workflow to write, review and deploy code.
  8. Zendesk – Customer service platform.


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