Your MangoApps domain will remain secure as users connect via their mobile devices. Mobile device management can be customized by the MangoApps Domain Administrator. To configure the settings for mobile security navigate to “Security” from the admin portal.

What mobile devices can be allowed or disallowed access?
All mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone can independently be allowed to connect or be refused a connection. In the “Access” section, place checkmarks in the boxes next to devices to allow them to connect to MangoApps and remove checkmarks from boxes beside devices to refuse them from connecting. After making your choices, click the “Save” button.

Mobile access

What type of report can I see about individual devices that are connecting to my MangoApps server?
Every connection via a mobile device and the associated user ID is tracked by MangoApps. A list of users, devices, device ID’s, last activity and current status is listed on the Mobile Access Log.

Mobile Access Log

What actions can I take per device to manage mobile security?
For each device in the device list, you can disable the ability to connect to the MangoApps server by choosing “Disable” from the drop-down “Actions” menu. Also, the MangoApps content data on each device can be wiped out by choosing “Wipeout” from the drop-down “Actions” menu.

Mobile Management
How does “Disable” and “Wipeout” work?
Even if a user’s phone is not active when an admin applies the “Disable” or “Wipeout” action, it will be applied the next time the device is on the network. The diagram below illustrates the process and server interactions via a push notification and through an API call.

Mobile Wipe Out


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