Microblogging on iOS devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different. The best practices of iOS microblogging will be conveyed through answers to the following questions:

What iOS devices and versions does MangoApps support?

MangoApps supports iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS version 7.0 and above.

Where do I download MangoApps for iOS?

You can download the latest version of MangoApps for iPhone & iPad from the iTunes App Store. Just use your device to search for “MangoApps” or download from this iTunes Store link.

How do I log in to MangoApps on my iOS device?

To log in to MangoApps, fill in the 3 required sections of the log in screen:

  1. Login ID:  This is the same Login ID that you use to log in to the web client. It’s usually your email address.
  2. Password:  The password is your MangoApps password. If you’ve forgotten yours, use the “Forgot Password” action to reset your account Password.
  3. MangoApps Domain URL:  The MangoApps Domain URL is usually in the format http://mycompany.mangospring.com where “mycompany” is also in your email address such as email@mycompany.com. If you’re a guest user or an external network user to someone else’s domain, the MangoApps Domain URL will be different than your email address domain.

What application icon do I click on to view my feeds?

Choose the “News Feeds/Inbox” in the left menu to view your feeds.

The screen will have 3 tabs for your Primary, Secondary and Mentions feeds.

From the top-left filter icon, you can switch from “Unread” to “My Feeds”.

Click on the three dots button on the top right corner and select “Pinned” to see your Pinned feeds.

How do I create a new feed?

Create a new feed while viewing one of the activity streams such as “Unread.” Click on the “Composer” button in the bottom -right corner and choose the update type to post.

How do I add a comment?

To comment on a feed, click on the feed and choose the “Write a comment” button from the bottom of the screen to start typing your comment. You can attach files to your comment from the same “Write a comment” window.

How do I add an attachment like a photo, audio recording or a video?

In any composition window there are icons below the the text input box for attachments including:

  • A video stored on your iPhone or one that you record in MangoApps.
  • An audio file you previously recorded on your iPhone or one that you record in MangoApps.
  • A picture you take while using MangoApps.
  • A picture you have stored on your iPhone.
  • Your current geolocation.

How do I view wikis and posts on iOS devices?

To view wikis or posts in MangoApps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod device, simply click on the Wikis LHS menu and then a tap on any of the available Wiki list to view it.

Can I add my geolocation to my iOS microblog message?

Yes, you can add your current geolocation if you allow MangoApps to receive your current location. To add your geolocation while you’re composing a message, click the “Pushpin” icon to the far right and below the text input window. You’ll be prompted to allow MangoApps to get your current location. Accepting will insert your current geolocation into the text composition window.

How do I post different types of feed using the MangoApps iOS app?

MangoApps iOS app allows you to post different types of feeds, once you’re are logged into the app tap on the “Composer” universal action to see the different feed type options and as per your selection you can post the content.

  • Share an update (In Team and To All My Followers)
  • Ask a Question
  • Write a Post
  • Send a Message
  • Create a Task
  • Create a Poll
  • Share an Idea
  • Start a Chat

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