This article will guide you through the process of merging teams within MangoApps. In MangoApps, teams is a term that refers to projects, groups, and departments.

Who has the ability to merge teams?
In order to merge two teams together, you need to be the admin of both teams.

How do I merge teams?
Click the moreĀ icon on your team’s page. You’ll see a merge option.1

After clicking merge, the following popup will appear.



The mergeĀ team name is already selected. As you enter text into the Merge Into box, the teams which you are an admin of will appear and you can select the team that you want to merge.

Enter MERGE in the text box to confirm. Read about what merge does and click “Yes, Merge” when you’re ready. A processing message will show and a feed is posted in the destination team.

Which teams can I merge?
You can merge any of the teams listed below:

Source Team Destination Team
Project Project, Group or Department
Group Project, Group or Department
Department Project, Group or Department

What will happen to the admin(s) and members of the merged team?
After the two teams are merged, the admins become admins of both teams and member rights remain applicable.

What will happen if the module in the merged team is not enabled in the destination team?
When a team is merged all its content is imported to the destination team and no content is lost. If the module is not enabled in the destination team, then the content from the merged team will appear as soon as the module is enabled in the destination team.

What will happen to the task module when I merge it into a group or department?
The project tasks will be seen in a task interface in the group or the department. Also, the user will be able to complete the task life cycle, but the user cannot create additional tasks in the group or department.

What will happen to the Home Page during conversion?
The homepage of the merged team will appear in the destination team with a time stamp.

What will happen to the title and description of the merged team?
They will be lost. The destination team’s description and title will remain.

Where can I check who has merged which teams?
We have made an entry in the audit log with the member name of who has merged the team.

What will happen to content that has the same name in both the teams?
We will attach the team name to the content of the merged team while merging it in the destination team.

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