Look Ahead Search

MangoApps support a look ahead search as you type in the search bar. This look ahead search is on the name and hashtags only to give you quick access to a specific post, page, wiki, file, event or person that you’re looking for.


Full Content Search

MangoApps supports deep search of the full network by searching inside the actual content across all teams, posts, wikis, files and more. The full network search can further be narrowed down to specific MangoApps modules and with the use of advanced filters get to faster and more relevant search results


What Modules are Searchable in MangoApps?

The table below shows which MangoApps modules are searched when specific search options are chosen. Since “Full Network” is the most comprehensive search, it is shown last in the list because it includes everything in the list for its search criteria.


Module Fields Searched On
  • Message content
  • Message sender’s name
  • Reply content
  • Reply sender’s name
  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Title
  • Expertise
  • About Me
  • Previous Company details
  • Previous Education details
  • Organization name
  • Name
  • Description
  • Creator’s name
  • Tags
  • File name
  • File title
  • File description
  • File tags
Intranet Pages
  • Page name
  • Page description
  • Page creator’s name
  • Page updater’s name
Intranet Posts
  • Post title
  • Post description
  • Post creator’s name
  • Post tags
  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Event creator’s name
  • Name
  • Description
  • Creator’s name
  • Tags
  • Idea title
  • Idea description
  • Idea submitter’s name
  • Idea tags
  • Task content
  • Task notes
  • Responsible user name
  • Task ID
  • Wiki title
  • Wiki description
  • Wiki creator’s name
  • Wiki updater’s name
  • Wiki tags
Full Network All of the above plus:


  • Feed content
  • Feed sender’s name
  • Comment content
  • Comment sender’s name
  • Chat content
  • Chat sender’s name
  • Post title
  • Post description
  • Post creator’s name
  • Post tags
  • Blog title
  • Blog description
  • Blog creator’s name
  • Blog tags
Idea Campaigns
  • Idea campaign title
  • Campaign description
  • Campaign submitter’s name
  • Campaign tags
  • Poll message
  • Poll choices
  • Poll submitter’s name
  • Poll voter’s name
  • Question content
  • Question sender name
  • Answer content
  • Answer sender name

How can advanced search help narrow the search results?

To scratch the surface of how using advanced search in MangoApps, we’ll look at the “Full Network” choice. Other choices give other advanced search filters that you can use to narrow search results. By matching “All” or “Any” of the criteria in the following categories you can have a loose or strict search:


  • From User
  • Teams
  • Date Updated
  • Tags

“From Users” specifies specific colleagues in your network. “Teams” specifies groups or projects in your network. “Date Updated” lets you choose dates or a date range.

After a main category is chosen, sub-criteria are available for each including:
From User & Teams

  • Equal to
  • Not Equal to


“Equal to” means the result set will return search results equal to the User or Team specified. “Not Equal to” will return results that exclude the User or Team specified.
Date Updated

  • On
  • Before
  • After
  • Range


“On” means the action occurred within the 24 hour period of the date specified. “Before” and “After” mean that the result set will include matches for any date before or after the date specified, respectively. “Range” allows you to specify a date range to narrow the search results.

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