How can I send message to network users in MangoApps?

Often, a microblog immediately raises a question about a topic. With Presence-enabled IM built into MangoApps, you can see if the contributor of the microblog is online and if they are, you can send them an IM to ask the question that was raised by their feed. To start an IM directly from the feed:

  1. Click on their profile picture.
  2. Click on ‘Send a Message’ to send message to the user1
  3. You can also send message to the user by clicking on Message module on the navigation bar to the left.2

Append a new message to an older message involving the users in conversation

MangoApps also allows users to append the new message to the users most recent conversation with the same users/people. This prevents users from searching for messages with a set of users/people every-time to continue on the thread.

This is done by selecting the check-box new checkbox  “Append this message to my most recent conversation with the same people” as part of Compose > Private Message.

This helps in the scenario when users prefer to have one conversation with the same person or set of users instead of having a new message everytime.

Below is the a video to illustrate the process of appending message to the most recent conversation with the same users.

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