What are Quizzes?

Quizzes enable you to design a set of questions which then allows you to test employee knowledge, conduct competitions and drive employee learning in your company. Like other modules, quizzes module is accessible to users via the primary navigation bar on the left.

Where is Quiz module available in MangoApps?

Quizzes are available as a module in Social Intranet, Team Collaboration & All in One Suite offering of MangoApps.

Who can create a quiz?

Quizzes can be created by any network user or only by team and domain admins based on the setting in the admin portal.

Can quiz be time-based?

Yes, the creator of the quiz can put an end date to the quiz.

How can you create a quiz?

1. You can create a quiz from the global ‘Compose button.’

2. Under Quiz Builder page, you can select the template:

  •  Blank Template – This is an empty template, and you can select this template if you want to design a custom quiz
  • Questions with Multiple Choice Answers – This template has questions with multiple choice answers. You can select this template if you are looking to create an ‘Objective’ quiz
  • Questions with Multiple Choice and Text Answers – This template has questions that are a combination of multiple choice and text answers. You can select this template if you looking to create a quiz with both ‘Object’ & ‘Subjective’ answers

3. While Designing the quiz, you can configure ‘Answer Choices’ and ‘Correct Answer.’

4. After you are done with designing the quiz, you will need to set ‘Audience & Preferences’ for the quiz

  • Pick your Audience – You can pick your audience of Specific Users, Your Followers, Team or Everyone. (Note: Everyone as an option is available only when you are Network or Company admin
  • Quiz end date – You can set the end date and time for the quiz
  • Mark the quiz mandatory – This will mark the quiz mandatory for the audience
  • Randomize question order – Selecting this option will randomize the questions order for the quiz
  • Show results with correct answers at the end of the quiz – After completing the quiz, you will be shown the correct answers for the questions
  • You can also set the passing criteria for the quiz and set up the Message to audience accordingly

5. Notification Preference can be set for:

  • Don’t notify anyone when someone completes the quiz. Only notify the creator of the quiz
  • Notify the audience of the quiz when someone completes the quiz
  • Don’t notify anyone

Who can take a quiz?

Quizzes can be asked to your followers, your teams or a specific group of users. Additionally domain & company admins can create it for everyone in the company.
Guest users get access to the quizzes enabled in the projects/groups of which they are a member.

If you close the quiz in between then, you can resume it later. Already answered questions would not be populated when you continue the quiz.

Note: You can not send the quiz to yourself as creator is already aware of the answer (Quiz creator can not take the quiz. However, for testing, you can send the quiz to a test audience before making it available to actual users taking the quiz. Test audience will help to remove any error or discrepancy in the quiz.

Can quiz be re-taken?

No, Once you have completed a quiz, you can’t take the same quiz again.

Who can view insights?

The creator of the quiz, the team, and the domain admins can view insights of quizzes.
Please note the user need’s to answer the quiz before viewing insights if they were also the intended audience for the quiz.

Will I be rewarded after quiz completion?

If levels and badges are turned on for your domain, you will receive points for creating, completing and passing quizzes. Only, we won’t tell you how exactly to get them (Because where’s the fun in that?), so keep taking more quizzes to get more points and badges!

Can I clone a quiz?

Yes, you can clone a quiz. Cloning will address the need of having the same quiz for a different target audience.

Can I make changes to an existing quiz?

Yes, you can make changes to an already published quiz by editing the quiz.

  • For an already published quiz, you can only change the ‘Quiz Preference’ & ‘Notification Preference.’ The content of a published quiz can not be changed.

  • For a quiz under draft mode, you can change both ‘Content of the quiz’ & ‘Audience & Notification Preference.’

Where can I see all the completed quizzes?

Under the quizzes tab, you can choose the filter ‘Quizzes I have Taken’ to see all quizzes that have you have taken.

Can I delete a quiz?

Yes, you can delete a quiz. Once deleted it can be restored from the Trash Can, within the admin portal.

How can I disable quizzes for my company?

As an admin, you can turn off the quizzes app under the modules tab.

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