There may be several instances where you would like to track a change request in a company or a team inside an organization in order to take some action on it at a later point in time. For instance, a request for change of email address. Below are the steps that can help you achieve this.

Steps to create a form/tracker and share the form on a company/team page

1. Open the team where you would like to add content submitted from Forms.

2. Enable Tracker module inside the team module where you would like the data to be submitted.

3. Navigate to the tracker module in the team and create a tracker by clicking on ‘Create New’.

4. Select the forms/tracker from pre-defined tracker template in the list or create a custom tracker and click on ‘Save and Continue’.

5. On the design page, you can add/edit/remove fields inside tracker based on your requirement.

6. Once you have added the desired fields and added setting to it, click on ‘Save & Continue’.

7. On the ‘Settings’ page, you can change the ‘Notification Setting’, ‘Share Setting’ and ‘Data Entry Permissions setting’ of the tracker.

Steps to share a form on company/team page

1. Navigate to the tracker whose form you would like to publish on the company/team page.

2. Click on the ‘three dots’ button next to the tracker and click ‘Share’.

3. Go to the Form tab and copy the iframe code.

4. Create/Edit a new page and paste the copied iframe code to editable source page.

5. Publish the page and the form should be visible on the page.

6. Any data entry made using the form will get populated inside the tracker.

Steps to change email address from the the Admin portal

1. Go to admin portal.

2. Navigate to ‘Users > Manage Users’.

3. Select the user for which you want to change the email address.

4. Click on ‘User Tools’.

5. Select ‘Change email address’.

6. Enter the new email address of the user and click on ‘Change Email’.

After changing the email address through admin portal, you can navigate to the tracker and archive the row containing the detail. The data will be archived.

Here are few examples where you can use form and tracker:

-I Need to Reset My Password on this device
-The Printer Is Down
-Adobe Reader Needs to be Updated
-My Voicemail Password Needs to Be Reset
-Leave of Absence or Vacation requests
-I Can’t Figure Out Windows 8
-The Network Is Slow
-Accommodation Requests

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