The network user may want to mark certain feeds for modules as ‘Read’, which are not as relevant to user’s daily activity in MangoApps.

This can be accomplished by moving such modules to “Secondary Feed” and then marking such feeds to keep ‘Nothing’ unread until user marks them read on the platform. Please see below for the detailed steps.

Steps to move feeds from a module, for which you wish to mark feeds as ‘Read’:

1. Click on “Change My Settings > News Feed”.
2. Go to “Primary Vs Secondary” tab.
3. Drag and drop the module(s) to the “Secondary News Feeds” for which you do not wish to receive Feed Notification.


Steps to follow to mark feeds as Read for “Secondary Feeds”:

1. Once you are done with moving the module(s) to the “Secondary Feeds”, scroll to the option ‘Which feeds would you like to keep as unread in primary & secondary?’ under Change My Setting > News Feed

2. Select Keep = Nothing Unread until I mark them read on one of the platforms.

3. Once the setting is set by the user, then the user will not have feeds as unread for modules added to the secondary feed


Please note that this will mark all the feed notification as read for modules that are part of secondary feeds.

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