If you have a long list of users and groups that you wish to import to MangoApps in a go, then you can automate the process using CSV upload of users and groups. Scheduling new user provisioning in bulk can be done from an SFTP based URL

Domain/Network Admins can automate synchronizing users, groups & group membership from any FTP URL into MangoApps.

Below are the steps on how an admin can synchronize users and groups from an SFTP URL

1. Create an SFTP server at your end. The SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) URL should be a public URL where the CSV file should be added.

Please use the URL in format as shown here: sftp://<public ip address>/<filename>.csv (Note: The content withing <> is customer specific)

2. Navigate to the Admin Portal > Users > Add Users > Fetch From URL.

3. Enable Synchronize Users if you wish to auto-synchronize users from a CSV file. And/or Enable Synchronize Groups if you wish to auto-synchronize groups from a CSV file.

Figure: Synchronize users to MangoApps

Figure: Synchronize groups to MangoApps

4. Add the ‘User CSV URL’ OR ‘Group CSV URL & Group Memberships CSV URL’

5. Select the setting for ‘When Fetched Users Already Exist In MangoApps’ as

  • Skip Existing Users – This option would skip updating the existing users. It will only add the new users found in the uploaded CSV. Or
  • Update Existing Users – This option would update the properties of the users already in the database with new values from the uploaded CSV. Additionally, it will create new users in DB that are found in the uploaded CSV.

You can enable ‘Send email invites to all the new added users with their login and password info in it’ if you wish to send email

In addition to the synchronization being over Secure FTP an additional level of login/password based authentication is also provided. This is optional.

6. Admins have the option to do a manual fetch or automate the synchronization to happen every 12 hours or 24 hours. When a fetch cycle is completed, domain admins who have their notification settings ON will be notified.

Emails will be sent out to the imported users based on the email configuration for newly created users.

The 12-hour sync cycle is fixed currently to happen at morning 7 and evening 7 based on the timezone of the domain. The Last Synced Time get updated on the UI.

7. You can ‘Save Settings’ for the Sync to run automatically at a fixed regular interval or ‘Save Setting & Force Sync Now’ to force the User or Group Sync Now.

Attached are the CSV file formats along with the description of each CSV Files:

  • The File – ‘mangoapps_sample_for_user_import.csv’ consists of a list of users with parameters such as name, firstname, lastname, email/login, manager, Enabled etc. Please note that the field parameters email/login and Enabled are mandatory.
  • The File – ‘group-owner.csv’ consist of Groupname, Group ID and Email ID of the user who will be the owner of the Groupname. All the fields are mandatory here
  • The File – ‘group_members.csv’ consist of the list of user’s email ID and Group ID to associate the users to the Groups

Note: Ensure that the files are uploaded in the top-to-bottom order so that users are created in the portal before the assignment to Groups.

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