A Network Admin might like to have only limited number of Projects/Groups in a given scenario by restricting network users to be able to create projects/groups. This way, only a Network Admin or a Network User with permissions  would be able to create a new project/group.

To restrict network users, a Network Admin need to go to Admin Portal¬†> “Modules” in the left navigation > “Projects” Or “Groups” in the secondary navigation. Click the “Admin Tools” button and select “Manage Settings”



In the settings window, click the drop down to select who can create a project.

1. Any Network User – A network user part of the domain would be able to add a new project/group.

2. Only Network Admins – All the Network Admins would be able to create projects/groups.

3. Network Admins and Users with Creator Role – All the Network admins along with specific users who have been given permission would be able to create projects/groups.



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