The network may have a requirement of composing an update/question/post/poll to multiple teams to save time from posting the same content on multiple teams. Currently, this can be achieved in MangoApps by 2 ways:

1. In the To list, add multiple teams (Applicable only for Update/Question/Poll). Below are the steps to achieve this:

a. Click on “Universal Compose” button.

b. Select “Share an Update”/”Ask a Question”/”Create a Poll”.

c. You can add multiple teams in To list and create an Update/Question/Poll.

d. This will create multiple feed copies (one copy in each teams).

Please note that you can’t ‘Post’ to multiple teams using this method.


2. Compose in a team and then mention other teams (Applicable for Update/Question/Post/Poll). Below are the steps to achieve this:

a. Create an update/question/post/poll inside a team.

b. You can also mention other teams under ‘Comments’ in an Update/Question/Post/Poll.

c. This will ensure that feed copy is shared with multiple teams.

d. The team members of other teams will be able to view it under their news feeds. The feed can also be viewed under ‘Mentions’ tab of News Feed of respective teams.

Here is a Video on how to make a post in multiple teams:

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