Email Branding helps create an identity for the domain and part of internal marketing tactics to improve engagement inside the domain. Domain admins can upload a custom background banner that shows up on user profile pages for all users.

Domain admins can now brand all the outgoing emails using the newly added Email tab in branding.

Below are the steps to perform email branding from the admin portal:

1. Open the Admin portal.

2. Navigate to Navigate to Branding > Email.

3. As an admin, you can customize the following sections of the email branding.

Email Header – Personalize background image, background color, title font & more…

  • Background Image
  • Background Color
  • Title Font Size
  • Title Font Family
  • Title Text Color
  • Title Text Highlight Color (Some words in the title (e.g., user, team names) are auto highlighted. This property value is used to set the color of these highlighted words)

Email Body – Personalize text color, text font, button text, button text font & more…

  • Text Color
  • Text Font Size
  • Text Font Family
  • Link Color
  • Button Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Text Font Size

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