A Team in MangoApps can have both network users and guest users. Guest users can be added to a team one at a time and thus adding each user from a list of guest-users to a team can be a tedious task. MangoApps allows importing/loading a list of guest-users to a group using CSV import to make import of a large number of guest users simpler.

Below are the steps to import a list of guest-users to a team in MangoApps:

Step 1 – Adding Guest-users to the group

a. Navigate to the group where you would like to load guest-users.
b. Click on Tools on the top-right-corner.
c. Click on ‘Invite Members’.
d. Download the ‘Sample CSV’ and add email ids of the guest-users you would like to invite.
e. Upload the CSV file by clicking on ‘Import from a CSV file’.
This will load all the users to the team. Please note that when the import is complete then the users are created as guest users inside the team (if the imported users are not network users). However, if the users already exist in the portal as network users then they are simply added to the group.

Step 2 – Adding other information such as First Name, Last Name, City, State, Current Employer, Current Job Title etc to a guest-user

After importing users to the group, if you are looking to upload other information such as First Name, Last Name, City, State, Current Employer, Current Job Title, Email Address etc as well to the guest users, then it can be done through the ‘Admin Portal’. Below are the steps:

a. Navigate to the admin portal.
b. Click on ‘Users > Invite Users’.
c. Click on ‘Import Tab’.
d. Under Import Options, select ‘Update existing user’ – This will update existing information of guest-users that were uploaded under Step 1.
e. Check ‘Allow out of network users to be imported to the network’.
f. Download the ”Sample CSV’ and add details to it.
g. Ensure that you add the same ‘guest user email id’ that you have added in Step 1 followed by rest of the information.
h. Remove column ‘Manager’ and ‘Enabled’ from the Sample CSV file.
i. Perform the upload.
You can now view the guest users under ‘Admin > Users> Role – Guest Users’.

Here is a video showing the steps:

You can also refer helplink: https://www.mangoapps.com/help/how-do-i-invite-users-by-importing-from-a-csv-file for more information on import.

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