MangoApps allows you to export populated data from a Tracker and at the same time allows you to import new data into an existing Tracker. Importing saves you from adding data to an existing Tracker using a manual process which is tedious and time-consuming.

Below are the steps to import data to a Tracker:

1. Navigate to the Tracker where you would like to import new data.

2. Click on ‘Three dots/Admin Tools’ of the Tracker.

3. Select Import (Data In and Data Out)

4. Click on ‘Choose File’ and Select the Excel or CSV you would like to import the existing Tracker

5. For a successful import of CSV/XLS the following conditions will be checked:

a. Only the fields common in the tracker and the CSV/XLS will be imported into the tracker.

b. Any mandatory field in the tracker absent in the CSV/XLS file will fail the import.

c. If duplicates are not allowed, and the CSV/XLS file has duplicates, then the import will fail.

d. All the added rows will be added to the end of the tracker.

e. Date field format should match with what is designed in the tracker (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY).

f. Multiple choices – need to use the pipe ‘|’ to differentiate options from each other.

6. Once the import is successful, you will be notified via email.

Here is the short video that illustrates the import process:


1.Importing same rows again would create duplicate records only if duplicate entries are allowed in the tracker. There is ‘No Duplicate’ setting available under each field added to the tracker (This needs to be configured while setting up the Tracker).

3. While importing CSV even if a single field does not have the proper format or is a duplication (as per setting), the entire import process fails. The import process does not import correct data and skips incorrect data.

4. The format for Export and Import – The format of Exported file and Imported file is the same. There is no difference in the data.
The only difference is that Export file contains data available in the tracker and Import contains either only headers (in the case of Sample CSV) or data entered manually for the file to be imported.
Exporting a file and importing the same file functions correctly as there is no difference between them.

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