There may be instances where the company or team admin would want to hide a page for a limited duration but would need to make it visible again at the later stage due to one of the following reason:
a. Work in Progress Pages – The content of the page hasn’t been verified and approved. For e.g. the HR content of the page hasn’t been approved by the Head-HR of the company.
b. Seasonal Pages – The page content is seasonal, and requires visibility only during a particular duration/point of time. For e.g. Pages targeting specific festivals/company occasions that occurs only during a certain period of time.

If you want such specific company page or team page to be hidden from the users, then intranet admin or the team admin can can hide that specific page by navigating to the page module at company or team level. A hidden company page will not be visible to the network users and a hidden team page will not be visible to members of the team.

Steps to hide a page from menu structure

1. Navigate to the page that you would like to hide.
2. On the right hand top, click on “Page Tools” and click on “Organize Pages”.
3. On the “Organize Menus & Pages” window, un-check the page that you would like to hide from the menu structure and click on ‘Close’ button.
After you refresh the page, you would notice that the page is no longer listed in the page menu structure.



– The page still exists, it is just hidden from the menu structure.
– If a user has already bookmarked the page URL or has the page URL, then he/she will be still be able to access it by directly clicking the bookmark link or pasting the page url to web browser.
– Hiding a page will also hide all the sub-pages of the page.
– The page will still appear in search results, if a user searches for the title or content of the page.


– A hidden page can be edited and published later


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