There are instances when company employees posts inappropriate content in their social intranet which is against company policy. Organizations don’t want such feeds to be viewed by other employees. To address this, MangoApps provides a feature in which any feed content can be flagged by network or guest user if he/she finds the content inappropriate or against company policy.

1. How to flag inappropriate content feeds?

The user can flag a content feed by clicking on “Flag this Feed” under link ‘More’ in the content feed.


2. Who is notified?

Once the content of a feed is flagged by a network or guest user, it is automatically removed from view and placed in the admin portal. Under Compliance, for review by the network admin.



3. Different forms of notification to network admin

When a content feed is flagged by a network or guest user the network admin can get notified by the following ways:

a. Admin portal, as a Network admin gets notified in “Flagged messages” under “Compliance > Flagged Content” in admin portal.


b. Email, as a Network admin would be notified via email as well. This setting would need to be turned on in the admin portal or from your profile drop down, select Change My Settings and Notification Settings.



c. Dashboard, a Network admin can add “Pending approvals” widget to their dashboard. This widget gives a list of approvals that are pending on you. These requests include user invitation, team membership, and document and flagged content approvals.


4) Handling flagged content

Based on the notification, the network admin can take following action on the flagged content through the admin portal:
a. Delete Message, the network admin can delete the flagged feed from the admin portal.
b. Restore Message, the network admin can restore flagged feed from the admin portal. The feed will get restored and will be available in the “Network Portal”


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