The MangoApps admin may want to delete user completely from the domain to meet the requirement of the company’s security and compliance policy.
MangoApps provides admin with the feature of permanently deleting a user account from the domain.

User deletion under Admin portal

Below are the steps to Delete a user from MangoApps:
a. Navigate to the Admin portal.

b. Click on Users under Navigation

c. Select the User under ‘Manage Users’

d. Click on User Tools > Delete

e. Select the Delete action on the pop-up window

This action will permanently delete the user and their complete profile information. This action can’t be undone. As part of deleting the user & their profile information, the content (e.g., projects, wikis, posts, updates, tasks, ideas etc) posted by the user would be automatically transferred to a system user called “Anonymous”.

User deletion log under Admin portal:

The user deletion activity gets logged under the Logs > Audit Logs for the admin to refer back in the future. Below is the screenshot of the filter value to search for deleted users in the domain.


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