With MangoApps you can create office locations for each of your company offices and provide your employees with office information like address, contact person and list of people at the location.

Domain admins can setup office locations with rich details about each location. Details include location address, work timing, emergency contact etc. Office locations comes with built-in capability to allow domain admins to add custom fields to each location to meet enterprise specific requirements & compliance

Also, Domain admins can import a CSV of office locations to bulk upload them into MangoApps. Office Location names can also be synced with your company active directory. A location can also be marked as an headquarter.

To create a new Office location from the Admin Portal:
1. Go to Domain > Locations

2. Click on ‘Add New Location’ and enter the required details in the three tabs displayed i.e. Basic Information, Additional Information and Location Groups


3. With these Office Location you can add details such as emergency contact person and contact details, map, address, Associate Location Groups, add Floor Plans, mark location as Headquarters, define Office hours, add Holidays, etc

4. You can also choose fields that will be set for Office Locations


  • Configuration & Settings (Admin Portal)
    • Domain admins can setup labels for locations & headquarter office
    • Domains admins can configure the fields & the order in which they appear on the location card


  • Smart Company Locations Page
    • A company page is automatically created with the office locations information entered by the domain admins. Intranet admins can make this page part of their company intranet page menu like any other page. This is a system page so intranet admins can edit it’s name, icon and order. The content of this page is auto-generated from the locations data and can’t be edited. Office locations are automatically integrated with MangoApps holidays.

The office location would show if the office is closed when

  • The local time at the location is outside of work hours -or-
  • It’s a company holiday at the location

Location addresses are integrated with google maps


  • Integrated With Dashboard
    • There are 2 new widgets that are available to add to your dashboard
      • Upcoming holidays– This widget lists the company holidays for your location/country. Company holidays are days when the office is closed.
      • Office Locations– This widget lists addresses of your worldwide offices. It also shows local office hours, no. of employees at the location and the emergency contact person for the location.
    • Domain admins can add these widgets to all employees dashboard or the user can add them to their dashboard using the widget gallery

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