The company may want to share company holidays and certain important Dates(company events) to all the network users of the portal. This can be achieved from the admin portal.

Steps to create Holiday/Important event in MangoApps:

1. Go to the Admin portal

2. Navigate to Domain > Holidays

3. Click on ‘Add New Holiday’

4. Add the details of the holiday/Important date such as:

a. Holiday Type – Company Holiday or Important Event

b. Title

c. Date

d. Description

e. Location

5. The Holiday or Important date will get added to the list as shown in the screenshot below

Note: Holidays & important dates that you add (or edit) from requires a country to be associated with it

6. Admin can even edit/ clone/ delete the details of the Holiday or Important dates by clicking on the Three Dots

7. To make it easier to add holidays there is a new popular holiday finder in which you select the country and year to get a list of popular holidays. You can then pick the holidays that are applicable for your company and add them to everyone’s calendar. There are about 50+ countries that the popular holiday finder currently supports.

Admin needs to click on “Popular Holiday Finder” to fetch the list

8. The view of holidays & important dates for the domain admins now has 2 filters

  • Country
  • Year

Company holidays & important dates added here are seen by users with matching country (derived from user’s office location) on their calendar

9. The users will receive an automatic notification from MangoApps a day before the company holiday or important date

10. Admin can also a widget – Upcoming Holidays that you can add to everyone’s dashboard or Company page that shows the list of upcoming holidays based on the user’s country (derived from user’s office location)

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