Why do I need an MX record for my MangoApps Domain?

MX records are the DNS settings that associate your domain to the servers hosting your users’ mail accounts. You create MX records to deliver mail to users on specific servers. With MX records, mail can be routed to servers based on their assigned priorities using values like 10, 20, 30, and so on. The lowest value gets highest priority.

An Example:

  • Your MangoApps Domain URL is: mangosubdomain.mydomain.com
  • An MX record must be created for: mangosubdomain.mydomain.com
  • Note:  MX records are required for MangoApps to receive emails, not to send them.

Where do I go to set an MX record?

To set the MX record, you need to go to your domain registrar or service that hosts your DNS and find the utility that allows you to set an MX record.

What if I don’t know who/what my domain name server is?

You can do a “Name server” lookup using who.is (not affiliated with MangoApps):

    • https://who.is/dns/

From nameserver you can hopefully figure out who the DNS provide is.

What do I need to set in the MX record?

Once you’ve found the MX record utility at your domain registrar, set the following information:

      • Host | Points to:
        • The URL of your MangoApps deployment. Consider this example that shows the subdomain, domain, and extension (dot com, dot net, etc): subdomain.domain.net
      • Priority:
        • The priority level of 10 is recommended.
      • TTL (if applicable):
        • 1 hour (60 minutes or 3600 seconds), whichever is offered.

MX record

How can I test the MX record settings that I have made are working?

The MX changes you have made may take up to 48 hours to propagate. You can test the MX records that are found for your domain using this site (not affiliated with MangoApps):

The setting you have made for your domain should appear in the list with the settings you have chosen.

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