With this feature every user in the company who does NOT have an email address/inbox can receive emails from trusted systems/email addresses as a private message.
Private messages & news feed now support rendering of HTML emails inline. Additionally private messages now support sending & viewing of rich text messages.

In order to get started, the network admin needs to configure the incoming email setting form the admin portal.

Below are the steps on how to configure the incoming

  1. Navigate to Admin > Domain > Email > Configuration
  2. Enable the Inbound Email setting to recieve content via Email in MangoApps. This will allow users to:
    • Forward Emails Into Teams As Updates
    • Reply Back To Mango Apps Sent Notifications Over Email
    • Upload Files Into A Folder Via Email
    • Forward Email As A Private Message (This Requires User Email Address Setting Below To Be On)
  3. Also, enable the setting “Assign MangoApps Email addresses to all users” to assign MangoApps email addresses to all the users of the domain without a cost. When this setting is ON, a new field is visible by default on the user profile that shows the assigned MangoApps Email ID of the user
  4. Domain admins can view the MangoApps Email ID of all users under Users > Manage Users.
  5. Export of users (in XLS or VCF) will include the MangoApps Email IDs

Domain Admins Control Incoming & Outgoing Email

  1. Domains admins can setup a list of allowed email addresses that can send an email to a user in your domain which would automatically be converted as a private message to the user.
    The allowed email address can also send an email to a team in your domain which would automatically be converted to news feed in the team
  2. Domain admins have the following control to receiving/sending emails from/to external white-listed email addresses / trusted systems. This includes:
    • Allow Receiving Only – This will allow the external email address to send an email to a user or a team in MangoApps. This is 1-way (incoming) email integration.
    • Allow Receiving & Sending – This will allow the external email address to send an email to a user or a team in MangoApps and also send back an email to the white-listed email address when a comment/reply is posted on the thread. This is 2-way (incoming & outgoing) email integration.
  3. Domain admins as part of setting up allowed email addressed have a additional security option to restrict incoming emails from trusted systems in the configured IP address range. An email send from a external email address / trusted system that is not added to the allowed list will be dropped by MangoApps

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