MangoApps is designed to use as little bandwidth as possible, so that the site performs adequately over high-speed and wireless internet connections.

  • The average page size in MangoApps is in the order of 90KB.
  • The service is designed with minimum bandwidth requirements in mind with the support for compression (as defined in the HTTP 1.1 standard) of HTML content before it is transmitted over the network to user’s computer, use of sprite for including images, compressed download of JS & CSS files and use of XHR requests to optimize the amount of data transferred from server to client.
  • MangoApps also does client side browser caching of pages. This means that when a page is requested, the server checks to see if the content on the page has changed since the last time it was requested. If the content has not changed the server returns a 304 response and the page is rendered from the browser cache which saves bandwidth.
  • The amount of bandwidth required is going to vary based on how your users use MangoApps, how many large file uploads and downloads happen and the size / number of videos streamed. Having said that, here is a general formula to calculate bandwidth:
    • Bandwidth = Average page size (in kilobits) * Number of concurrent users / (Seconds between page views + Page load time)
    • As an example
      • Let’s say page size = 720Kbits (90KB x 8), concurrent users = 10, seconds between page views = 120 secs (2 mins) and page load time = 3 secs
      • 720 * 10 / (120 + 3) = 58Kbps of bandwidth
  • In practice we have found the bandwidth requirements for other commonly used programs such as email (business & personal), attachments, news, streaming video, stock update, place a greater strain on the available bandwidth. Hence we recommend the customer measure all activities to make sure they are evaluating a holistic demand on their network services.

To summarise, it is difficult to specify customer bandwidth because of the nature of the internet and individual corporate usage. network latency, peering issues, bandwidth at upstream providers, users using their internet connections for other use besides MangoApps, browser used, etc. Having said that, for a small office, upload & download speeds of 10-15 Mbps (15-50 Mbps preferred) should be adequate under normal usage conditions.

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