In existing times, viruses are omnipresent threats and impacts machines and applications daily. At MangoApps, we ensure that such threats are handled and quarantined.

Below are the steps MangoApps takes to prevent viruses from spreading via download to other users or via MangoApps file sync:

1 – MangoApps doesn’t allow users to store/upload Executable(.exe) files to the File repository. This is the first level of protection against viruses, malware etc.

2 –¬†You can also enable virus scan from admin portal if you want all files uploaded into MangoApps to be scanned for virus. This is the second level of protection against viruses.

How does virus scan work?

When you enable virus scan, all files uploaded via any of the MangoApps clients are checked for trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. You can enable ‘Virus Scan’ inside your MangoApps domain from the admin portal.


How many different kinds of viruses is MangoApps capable of detecting?

At this time MangoApps is capable of detecting over 1 million viruses, worms, and trojans, including Microsoft Office macro viruses and other threats. MangoApps virus scanning works within archives, compressed files and also protects against archive bombs. It also scans for files that have been obfuscated.

Are files uploaded via email also scanned for viruses?

Yes, once the virus scan functionality is enabled for your domain all files uploaded into MangoApps including the ones via email are scanned.

What happens when a file is found infected with a virus?

When a file is found infected with a virus, MangoApps automatically quarantines it. The quarantine process includes a few steps. First, the file is moved to a different location. Then the file is no longer available for download and it is not synced to other clients/devices. The only operation permitted on the quarantined file is to upload a new version or to delete the infected file.

Unless the MangoApps virus scan passes, files aren’t synced to other desktop clients. If a virus is detected in an uploaded file, the file is quarantined and is not available for download or file sync to other computers preventing the spread of the virus infected file.

How do I know if the file I uploaded is infected with a virus?

When MangoApps quarantines a virus infected file, it will notify the uploader of the file via a private message. The uploader can delete the file or upload a new version that is not virus infected.

Is there a log of the files that have been quarantined?

Yes, the security log will have an entry for every file that has been detected with a virus and has been quarantined.

3 – MangoApps recommends that as a good practice to have an up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computers to add an additional layer of protection even before uploading to MangoApps.

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